What Is Carlson Brand Enterprise

The Carlson Brand Enterprise (CBE) is a one-of-a-kind consultancy where leading MBA students work with senior management at top companies to solve marketing and business challenges. Unlike most project-based student consultancies, the Carlson Brand Enterprise operates as a professional services firm, serving multiple clients and providing high-level, strategic services.

Student consultants apply their theoretical knowledge through the insights of a team of academics and practitioners with significant experience in the marketing industry. The Brand Enterprise offers students access to the latest theories and practices from marketing and the chance to enhance their career with real-world knowledge and experience.

The Brand Enterprise Experience

Students apply to the Carlson School Enterprises during the second semester of their first year in the Full-Time MBA program. The application process consists of completing a few short forms and an interview. Student consultants are chosen based on the insights and skills they’ll bring to the team and their commitment to being an active participant in the program. Currently, approximately 30 students are invited to join the Brand Enterprise a year.

A Career Investment

The Carlson School Enterprises offer an opportunity to build your resume and to develop a unique, differentiating career portfolio. Brand Enterprise graduates get an MBA while gaining the experience of working in a professional services firm environment. And many student consultants use the Brand Enterprise to make the career transition into the marketing field from another discipline.

The Enterprise also offers networking opportunities throughout the program. In addition to the advantages of working with senior corporate management on marketing and business challenges, the Brand Enterprise’s Executive Advisory Board of top executives serve as mentors and advocates for student consultants. In most cases, student consultants are connected with internships and jobs directly through the resources of the Brand Enterprise.

Preferencing Process for Full-Time MBA Students

First year MBA students must submit an application preferencing an enterprise choice during the B-Term of the first semester. Students will be notified of a decision before the end of their first semester. It is advised to visit the Carlson Brand Enterprise open house during A-Term of the first semester and meet with current students and/or the Enterprise Director in order to gain a full understanding of the CBE and make sure it is the best fit for you.

Companies That Have Recruited CBE Students

Recruited companies