Business in Dublin

Joint Program with the Learning Abroad Center

Program Dates:

Fall Semester 2020:

Application Deadline: May 15th, 2020

Arrive in Dublin: TBD

Depart Dublin (Foundational Track): TBD

Depart Dublin (Advanced Track): TBD





Spring Semester 2021:

Application Opens: Summer 2020

Application Deadline: October 15th, 2020

Arrive in Dublin: January 11th, 2021 (tentative)

Depart Dublin: May 17th, 2021 (tentative)





Offered in partnership with the Learning Abroad Center, this program gives you the opportunity to explore business through an Irish lens and take classes from local experts.  All grades from the Business in Dublin program will come back A/F on the official UMN transcript. There are two tracks available for Carlson School of Management undergraduate students:

  1. Foundational Business (for students who have not completed the I-Core curriculum at the Carlson School) - FALL SEMESTER ONLY
    • Students enroll in courses at the study center in Dublin and have the options to take the following courses:
      • DBLN 3012: Engaging Ireland: Past Present & Future (required) - 3 credits
        • approved for Historical Perspectives and Global Perspectives LE
      • DBLN 2551: Business Statistics - 4 credits
        • approved for the Mathematical Thinking LE and the Global Perspectives LE
      • DBLN 2051: Financial Accounting - 4 credits
        • approved for the Global Perspectives LE
      • DBLN 3040: International Environment of Firms - 3 credits
      • DBLN 3014: Dublin Internship: Learning through Experience - 3 credits
      • Other liberal education courses
      • Global Identity
  2. Advanced Business (for students who have already completed I-Core)
    • Students enroll in one course at the study center in Dublin and take coursework University College Dubin at the Lochlann Quinn School of Business
      • DBLN 3012: Engaging Ireland: Past Present & Future (required) - 3 credits
        • approved for Historical Perspectives and Global Perspectives LE
      • 3-4 additional major and elective courses at the University College Dublin, Quinn School of Business (minimum of 3 business classes)
      • DBLN 3014: Dublin Internship: Learning through Experience - 3 credits
        • Internship is 15 hours/week
      • Global Identity
      • Any courses that transfer back to the UofM as less than 3 credits that students are intending to use for a Liberal Education requirement will require a Partial Credit Waiver from their college/department. Students are only allowed a limited number partial credit waivers for LE requirements in their time at the UofM. Check with your academic advisor if you have questions about using a partial credit waiver for Dublin courses

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Program Details

    Once a Viking settlement, and with most of its architecture dating to the 18th Century, Dublin is a city rich with history and culture. Now, Dublin is known as one of Europe's most youthful cities, with more than 40% of its population under the age of 30. It is also home to several European headquarters for businesses such as Google, Facebook and many other startups. The mix of rich traditions and youthful energy comes alive through music, theatre, and sports.

    The Business in Dublin program offers courses that allow you to stay on track with your business degree. Through courses taught by local professors, and the opportunity to do an internship, you will connect with the city and the culture in a very tangible way.

    Housing is provided in comfortable, well-equipped apartments in central Dublin. Students will find out their housing location and roommates about 2 weeks prior to departure.

    Apartments will house 4 to 6 students, which include furnished bedrooms, bathrooms, and laundry. Meals are not included, but each apartment has a full kitchen. There are also numerous pubs and cafes within a short walk from the residences.  Housing and some meals are included in the Program Fee.  See the below Cost Estimate section for estimated expenses. 

    Foundational Business track: 2.5 preferred GPA, have not yet completed I-Core

    Advanced Business track: 3.0 preferred GPA and must have completed I-Core

    To apply, please visit the Apply page. Students will be charged a $50 application fee. The priority deadline for Fall 2020 is June 1st, 2020.  Applications will be reviewed and students will be informed of their status within 4 weeks of the priority deadline.


    Center name = "TC Learning Abroad Ctr"

    Education abroad term = "Fall 2020"

    Country: "Ireland"

    Program Name: "Business in Dublin"

    Track Name: "Foundational Business" for pre-I-Core students and "Advanced Business" for post-I-Core students

    Most financial aid may be applied to study abroad. University of Minnesota students are eligible for education abroad scholarships through the Carlson Global Institute as well as the Learning Abroad Center.  Please visit "Financial Aid" and "Scholarships" for more information.

    Business in Dublin students have access to the Bridging Loan which is a no-interest/no-fees loan that funds the upfront deposit and flight costs. 

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