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CoMIS 2020 Planning Committee

Director Social Media

I am passionate about meeting people from different backgrounds and technology. CoMIS is the perfect middle ground for these passions of mine as it is a MIS based case competition and has global representation!

– Prajwal Vemireddy

The best part about CoMIS is that you get to meet students from all around the world that are passionate about MIS. It's inspiring to hear the passions students have during the competition, as well as a great opportunity to meet new people. If you want to meet new people and hear innovative ideas within business, CoMIS is the organization for you!

– Maddy Peterson
Steven Weitz

I am on the UMN MIS Case Competition team and as amazing as it has been presenting and working with my team, I am very interested to see the effort that goes into organizing such an event. 

– Steven Weitz

I have loved being a part of this talented team and spending countless hours organizing this competition with them. But I am far more excited to meet the fantastic teams taking part in the competition.

– Evelyn Frenz
Calvin Ryan

My favorite part about this year has been planning an event that consists of not only a complex case but also one that highlights the importance of technology in the business world. Planning this event, with an incredible board, has been an amazing experience and I hope your time at CoMIS 2020 is a great learning experience as well as a fun one!

– Calvin Ryan
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