Engage with the MIS Research Center

Companies and individuals can engage with the MIS Research Center and the Information & Decision Sciences Department in a variety of ways:


Connect iconConnect

  • With students through the career centers, in classrooms, and at events
  • With expert scholars at symposia and seminars like the Friday Research Workshops
  • With other professionals at conferences like Tech Cities and other events


contribute iconContribute

  • Your expertiseas a speaker, guest lecturer, or case competition judge
  • A data set for use in classrooms and research
  • Financial support for learning opportunities like CoMIS, scholarships for students, research grants, and other department initiatives


Collaborate iconCollaborate

  • On a project for your company, completed by students in a capstone course or the Carlson Analytics Lab
  • On new research of mutual interest to you and a faculty member
  • On program development and growth as a member of an advisory board