Friday Research Workshops

Each Friday during the school year, the Information & Decision Sciences Department hosts a seminar discussion on new and in-progress research. The series provides opportunities for PhD students, faculty, and industry partners to engage with one another and with the research of scholars from around the world.

Current coordinators are Xuan Bi and Yi Zhu.

Upcoming events are listed at the bottom of the page. 

students in seminar



Date Speaker Title
20-Jan Olivia Sheng (U Utah) TBA
27-Jan Min-Seok Pang (Temple) TBA
3-Feb Robert Gregory (U Miami) TBA
10-Feb Jaehwuen Jung (Temple) TBA
17-Feb Yan Leng (UT Austin) TBA
3-Mar Paramveer Dhillon (U Michigan) TBA
24-Mar Elena Karahanna (UGA) TBA
31-Mar Siva Viswanathan (UMD) TBA
7-Apr Gang Wang (U Delaware) TBA
14-Apr Peiyu Chen (ASU) TBA
21-Apr Alessandro Acquisti (CMU) TBA
28-Apr Xin Luo (U New Mexico) TBA
Date Speaker Title
30-Sep Raghu Santanam (Arizona State University W. P. Carey) TBA
7-Oct Abhay N Mishra (Iowa State University Debbie and Jerry Ivy) TBA
21-Oct Tricia Moravec (Indiana University Kelley) TBA
28-Oct Idris Adjerid (Virginia Tech Pamplin) TBA
11-Nov Shaojie Tang  (University of Texas at Dallas Naveen Jindal) TBA
18-Nov JJ Po-An Hsieh (Georgia State University Robinson) TBA
Date Speaker Title
21-Jan Shunyuan Zhang (Harvard Business School) TBA
28-Jan Mochen Yang (UMN Carlson) TBA
4-Feb Radhika Santhanam (OU Price) TBA
11-Feb Likoebe Maruping (GSU Robinson) TBA
18-Feb Jianqing Chen  (UT Dallas) TBA
25-Feb Beibei Li (CMU Heinz) TBA
4-Mar Martin Ganco (Wisconsin) TBA
25-Mar Prasanna (Sonny) Tambe (Wharton) TBA
1-Apr Jason Greenberg (Wharton) TBA
8-Apr Karim Lakhani (Harvard Business School) TBA
15-Apr Arun Rai (GSU Robinson) TBA
22-Apr Hanna Halaburda (NYU Stern) TBA
29-Apr Alessandro Acquisti (CMU Heinz) TBA
6-May DJ Wu (GT Scheller) TBA

Date Speaker Title
1-Oct Ananya Sen (CMU Heinz) Quantifying the User Value of Social Media Data
8-Oct Hilal Atasoy (Rutgers) "Where to, Doc?" Electronic Health Record Systems and the Allocation of Patients within Healthcare Systems 
15-Oct Marios Kokkodis (Boston College) Adjusting Skillset Cohesion in Online Labor Markets: Reputation Gains and Opportunity Losses
29-Oct Natalia Levina (NYU Stern) To engage or not to engage with AI for critical judgments: How professionals deal with opacity when using AI for medical diagnosis

Date Speaker Title
22-Jan Laura Brandimarte A Sense of Privacy
29-Jan Lynn Wu The Robot Revolution: Managerial and Employment Consequences for Firms
5-Feb Emmanuelle Vaast When digital technologies enable and threaten occupational identity: The delicate balancing act of data scientists
12-Feb Gordon Burtch/Meizi Zhou Healthcare across Boundaries: Urban-Rural Differences in the Financial and Healthcare Consequences of Telehealth Adoption
19-Feb Nathan Kallus Smooth Contextual Bandits: Bridging the Parametric and Non-differentiable Regret Regimes
26-Feb Lusi Yang Winner Takes All? The “Blockbuster Effect” on Crowdfunding Platform
5-Mar Jui Ramaprasad Do Programming Tasks Bias Moral Decision-Making?
12-Mar Sagar Samtani Linking Exploits from the Dark Web to Known Vulnerabilities for Proactive Cyber Threat Intelligence: An Attention-Based Deep Structured Semantic Model Approach?
19-Mar Sriram Somanchi To Predict or Not to Predict: The Case of the Emergency Department
26-Mar Yixin Lu Designing Personalized Treatment Plans for Breast Cancer
2-Apr Dean Eckles Scalable bundling via dense product embeddings
16-Apr Solon Barocas Unavoidable Tensions in Explaining Algorithmic Decisions
23-Apr Rema Padman YouTube Video Analytics for Health Literacy and Chronic Care Management: An Augmented Intelligence Approach to Assess Content and Understandability
30-Apr Panagiotis (Panos) Adamopoulos Heterogeneous Demand Effects of Recommendation Strategies in a Mobile Application: Evidence from Econometric Models and Machine-Learning Instruments
Date Speaker Title
11-Sep PhD Student Presentations  
18-Sep PhD Student Presentations  
25-Sep Michael D Smith THE ABUNDANT UNIVERSITY -- Remaking Higher Education for a Digital World
2-Oct Kristina McElheran IT Outsourcing in the Age of the Cloud: Productivity, Survival, and Strategic Fit of IT Resources
9-Oct Jesse Shore Network Centralization and Collective Adaptability to a Shifting Environment
16-Oct Yinghui (Catherine) Yang Background Music Recommendation for Short Videos on Social Video Platforms
23-Oct Indranil Bardhan Impact of Telehealth Use on Healthcare Utilization: A Quasi-Experimental Patient-Level Study
13-Nov Hila Lifshitz-Assaf Using Technology to Augment Professionals, Not Replace Them, for Innovative Problem Solving
20-Nov Zaiyan Wei Regulating Professional Players in Peer-to-Peer Markets: Evidence from Airbnb
4-Dec PhD Student Presentations  

Date Speaker Title
24-Jan Avi Goldfarb Could Machine Learning be a General Purpose Technology? Evidence from Online Job Postings
31-Jan Paul Ma Information Externalities in Machine Learning Contests
7-Feb Marius Niculescu Economics of Ransomware Attacks
14-Feb Kewei Huang Controlling Homophily in Social Network Regression by Machine Learning
21-Feb Ching Ren  
28-Feb Brian Butler A Potential Uses Model of Data Governance
6-Mar Catherine Tucker Three new Field Tests Exploring Algorithmic Bias in Advertising
13-Mar Spring Break
20-Mar Yixin Lu Designing Personalized Treatment Plan for Breast Cancer: A Predictive Analytics Approach
27-Mar Sagar Samtani  
3-Apr Panos Adamopoulos  
10-Apr Laura Brandimarte  
17-Apr Bin Gu  
24-Apr Indranil Bardhan  
1-May Rema Padman  

Date Speaker Title
13-Sep PhD Student Presentations  
20-Sep Kartik Hosanagar (Wharton) Learning Instrumental Variables
27-Sep PhD Student Presentations  
4-Oct Jingjing Li (U of Virginia) A Deep Learning Architecture for Psychometric Natural Language Processing
11-Oct Chris Forman (Cornell)  
25-Oct Marshall Van Alstyne (MIT)  
8-Nov Lauren Rhue (Wake Forest)  
15-Nov Tingting Nian (UC Irvine)  
22-Nov Tianshu Sun (USC)  

PhD Student Presentations

Date Speaker Paper Title
1-Feb Vijay Mookerjee (UT Dallas) The Voice of the Customer: Managing Customer Care in Twitter
8-Feb Eric Zheng (UT Dallas) The Transparency-Revenue Conundrum in Social Trading: Implications for Platforms and Investors
15-Feb Moshe Barach (UMN Strategy) Small numbers bargaining in the age of big data: Evidence from a two-sided labor matching platform
22-Feb Gordon Gao (Maryland) How Digital Word-of-Mouth Affects Consumer Decision Making: Evidence from Doctor Appointment Booking
1-Mar Pallab Sanyal (George Mason) An Empirical Examination of the Economics of Mobile Application Security
8-Mar - Winter BI Conference (No Workshop)
15-Mar Jingjing Zhang (Indiana)

It Takes Two to Tango: The Effects of Internal and External Information Integration on Healthcare Process and Outcomes

29-Mar Pedro Ferreira (CMU) Binge Yourself Out: The Effect of Binge Watching on the Subscription of Video on Demand
5-Apr Nachi Sahoo (Boston University) Reducing Product Expiration by Aligning Salesforce Incentives: A Data-driven Approach
12-Apr Jing Gong Enhancing the “Call for Bids” to Improve Matching Efficiency in Online Labor Markets: Capturing the Meaning of Unstructured Textual Content with Machine Learning
19-Apr Alex Tuzhilin (Stern NYU) Imputing Multi-Criteria Missing Ratings from User Reviews
26-Apr Amit Mehra (UT Dallas)  
3-May Dokyun Lee (CMU)

Focused Concept Miner (FCM): an Interpretable Deep Learning for Text Exploration

Date Speaker Paper
09/28 Corey Angst
U of Notre Dame
Too Good to Be True: Firm Social Performance and the Risk of Data Breach
10/05 Yan Huang
The Role of Feedback in Dynamic Crowdsourcing Contests: A Structural Empirical Analysis
10/19 Elina Hwang
U of Washington
Mobilizing Healthcare across Geography through Telemedicine Consultations
10/26 Zaiyan Wei
Purdue U
The Survival of Noise Traders: Evidence From Peer-to-Peer Lending
11/09 Anandhi Bharadwaj
Emory U
Business Method Innovations and Firm Value: An Empirical Investigation
11/16 Hong Guo
U of Notre Dame
Cross-Market Integration and Sabotage
11/30 Yash Babar
Sandeep Gangarapu
U of Minnesota
PhD Student Presentations
12/07 Yaqiong Wang
Meizi Zhou
U of Minnesota
PhD Student Presentations






1/19 Brad Greenwood
U of M
Just What the Doctor Ordered? Physician Mobility after the Adoption of Electronic Health Records
1/26 Linli Xu
U of M
There's No Free Lunch Conversation: The Effect of Brand Advertising on Word of Mouth
2/2 Bill Rand
NC State
Extracting Actionable Marketing Intelligence from Social Media Data using Machine Learning
2/9 Maytal Saar-Tsechansky
UT Austin
Who Is A Good Decision Maker? Data-Driven Decision Ranking under Unobservable Quality
2/16 Anand Gopal
U Maryland
A for Effort? Using the Crowd to Identify Moral Hazard in NYC Restaurant Hygiene Inspections
2/23 Joel Waldfogel
U of M
Platforms, Power, and Preferential Placement: Evidence from Spotify Playlists
3/2 Foster Provost
Causal Classification: Treatment Effect vs. Outcome Estimation
3/9 Yili Hong
IT-enabled Monitoring and Labor Contracting in Online Platforms: Evidence from a Natural Experiment
3/23 Christian Catalini
Technological Opportunity, Bubbles and Innovation: The Dynamics of Initial Coin Offerings
3/30 Ram Chellappa
Platform Preannouncement Strategies: The Strategic Role of In-formation in Two-Sided Markets Competition
4/6 Gautam Pant
U of Iowa
Predicting Interfirm Human Capital Flow: Leveraging Networks and Heterogeneous Effects
4/13 Jonathon Cummings
Physical Collocation, Structural Interdependence, and Work-Related Interactions in Organizations
4/20 Beibei Li
Nudging Mobile Customers with Real-Time Social Dynamics
4/27 Sunil Wattal
Competitive Poaching in Search Advertising: A Randomized Field Experiment
5/4 Huaxia Rui
Voice Cascade on Social Media





Sorry, there are currently no upcoming events.