Noted for pioneering research in areas such as management information systems, business analytics, and econometrics, the Information & Decision Sciences faculty are recognized worldwide for their expertise.

Gedas Adomavicius
Professor & Department Chair
3-320 Carlson School of Management
Ravi Bapna
Associate Dean for Executive Education
3-365 Carlson School
Sofia Bapna
Assistant Professor
Xuan Bi
Assistant Professor
3-233 Carlson School of Management
Jason Chan
Associate Professor, Mary and Jim Lawrence Fellow
Shawn Curley
Professor, DGS & Ph.D. Program Director
Alok Gupta
Associate Dean of Faculty and Research
De Liu
Professor, Information and Decision Sciences
3-418 Carlson School
Veronica Marotta
Assistant Professor
3-139 Carlson School of Management
Gautam Ray
3-410 CarlSMgmt
Yuqing Ren
Associate Professor & Lawrence Fellow
Soumya Sen
Associate Professor, McKnight Presidential Fellow
CSOM 3-370
Mani Subramani
Associate Professor
Mochen Yang
Assistant Professor
3-151 CarlSMgmt
Vedran Lelas
Senior Lecturer
Carlson School
Timothy Olson
Senior Lecturer
4-175 CarlSMgmt
Carl Adams
Professor Emeritus
Norman Chervany
Professor Emeritus
Gordon Davis
Professor Emeritus
Room 3-365 CarlSMgmt
Gordon Everest
Associate Professor Emeritus
Paul Johnson
Professor Emeritus
J Naumann
Associate Professor Emeritus
Gedas's Headshot


Find scholarly work on information technologies, recommender systems, data mining, the economics of the internet, and more in the Experts@Minnesota research database. 

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