At the Carlson School, your student experience transcends the confines of the classroom. We have the tight-knit community you might expect from a small college, alongside the opportunities of a large research university so there are many ways to connect with other students and find your passion.

Student Organizations

There are over 20 business focused student organizations at the Carlson School and 800+ student groups at the University of Minnesota. With fraternities and sororities, special interest groups, and cultural organizations, you have plenty of options to get involved.

Carlson Crew

Freshman will receive a Carlson Crew Leader who will welcome, orient, and support them throughout the first year experience. Carlson Crew Leaders are upperclassmen who share collegiate experiences, provide guidance and resources, and plan engaging opportunities for their freshman groups.

Carlson House - Living Learning Community

The Carlson House provides students with the opportunity to build a community through common courses and shared living experiences. Students live in Territorial Hall together and often share the same classes, form study groups, and work on group projects together.

Business Week

No matter what your interests, Business Week is full of exciting events and opportunities for Carlson School students. The annual celebration takes place each spring, with interactive activities like case competitions, an etiquette dinner, and an alumni networking event.

BSB Weekly

Each Monday during the academic year, Carlson School undergraduate students receive the BSB Weekly, an e-newsletter. The BSB Weekly provides all the information you need to know about upcoming events and deadlines.