Strategic Management Minor


Strategic management involves decisions about the set of goal-directed, coordinated commitments and actions that a firm undertakes to gain and sustain superior performance relative to competitors. It includes diagnosing the competitive challenges facing a firm, formulating strategies (including corporate, business, international, etc) to address the competitive challenges, and devising a coherent set of actions to implement a firm’s strategy. 

Knowledge of strategic management complements students’ mastery of particular functional or operational areas, and allows Carlson graduates to understand how their functional roles and activities in a firm relate to the firm’s overall strategic objectives.

Minor Curriculum


Mgmt 3004 Business Strategy should be completed before starting the minor coursework

Course Credits Title & Additional Information
MGMT 4031 2 Industry Analysis in a Global Context
MGMT 4032 2 Corporate Strategy


Course Credits Title & Additional Information
MGMT 4033 2 Strategy Implementation
MGMT 4034 2 Technology Strategy
MGMT 4035 2 Mergers and Acquisitions Strategy (prereq: Mgmt 4032)
MGMT 4050 or IBUS 4050 2 Managing Innovation & Change or Managing Innovation & Change-Sustainability in Brazil

ADDITIONAL ELECTIVES - 4 CREDITS (Choose from the list below or the strategic management elective list)

Course Credits Title & Additional Information
FINA 4221 2 Principles of Corporate Finance (prereq: FINA 3001)
FINA 4242W 4 Corporate Investment Decisions Capstone (prereq: FINA 4121, 4321, 4422, 4522, and ACCT 5101)
IDSc 3511 2 Pitching Business Strategy (prereq: IDSc 3001 or I-Core [completed or concurrent], or instructor consent)
IDSc 4444 2 Descriptive and Predictive Analytics (prereq: IDSc 3001)
IDSc 4455 2 The Business of Social Media (prereq: IDSc 3001)
MGMT 3010 4 Introduction to Entrepreneurship
MGMT 3040 2 Understanding the International Environment of Business
MGMT 4040 4 Negotiation Strategies
MKTG 3010 4 Marketing Research (prereq: MKTG 3001, SCO 2550, or equivalent statistics course)
MKTG 4080W 4 Marketing Strategy (prereq: MKTG 3010, 3040, and 8 MKTG elective credits)
MKTG 4082W or IBUS 4082W 4 Brand Management or "Made in Italy" Brand Management
SCO 3041 2 Project Management (prereq: SCO 3001)
SCO 3072 2 Managing Technologies in the Supply Chain (prereq: SCO 3001)
SCO 4065W 4 Supply Chain and Operation Strategy (prereq: SCO 3056, 3059, and 4 additional SCO credits)

Please note that all classes are not offered every semester. Please check the class schedule on One Stop for details. 

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