Management Minor

The management minor is available to students enrolled in any college outside of the Carlson School on the Twin Cities campus of the University of Minnesota. In addition to giving you broad exposure to the basic elements of business and management, the minor is an excellent preparation for law school, an MBA program, or your career.

Students are admitted on a rolling basis and are encouraged to apply for the minor as soon as they have completed Microeconomics, Business Statistics, and College Algebra. For more information, please see the Eligibility tab.

Are you eligible?

Along with having a GPA of at least 3.0, students must complete the following courses with a C- or better on an A - F grading basis to be eligible for the management minor. Exceptions will be made for students earning an S grade in these prerequisite courses if they elect for the S/N grading scale due to the grading policy changes during the COVID-19 public health situation. Please review the updated policies. Students need to have these classes completed prior to filling out an application.

  • ECON 1101 Microeconomics (4 credits)

    • Substitutes: APEC 1101

  • MATH 1031 College Algebra (3 credits)

    • Substitutes: An advanced math course, such as calculus or finite math

  • SCO 2550 Business Statistics (4 credits)

    • Substitutes: STAT 3011, 3021, or 3022; PSY 3801; SOC 3811; IE 3521 or IE 4521; EE 3025; CE 3102; STAT 4101/4102 sequence, STAT 5101/5102 sequence, MATH 5651/5652 sequence, BIOL 3272, or ANSC 3011

A macroeconomics course is recommended (but not required).


Applications for the Management Minor are accepted on a rolling basis. However, all of the prerequisite classes need to be completed prior to applying to the minor.

Apply Now

To access the application you must be a current undergraduate student at the University of Minnesota and you must log in with your Internet ID (x.500 username) and password.

Minor Requirements

In addition to the prerequisites, students must complete the following with a grade of C- or better on an A-F grading basis. At least 3 upper-division credits that satisfy requirements for the minor must be taken through the campus that will award the minor

Course Credits Title & Additional Information
ACCT 2050* 4 Introduction to Financial Accounting
Plus 4 courses from the following:
ACCT 3001 3 Introduction to Managerial Accounting
FINA 3001 3 Finance Fundamentals
HRIR 3021* 3 Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations
IDSC 3001* 3 Information Systems for Business Processes and Management
MGMT 3001 3 Principles of Management
MGMT 3010 4 Introduction to Entrepreneurship
MKTG 3001 3 Principles of Marketing
SCO 3001 3 Supply Chain and Operations
PA 3003 3 Nonprofit/Public Finance and Budgeting
PA 4101 3 Nonprofit Management and Governance

*After open enrollment starts, Management Minor students are allowed to take CSOM-only sections of these courses if there is space available.

View Program Requirements and Course Descriptions

Recommended Courses

The Hubert H. Humphrey School of Public Affairs recommends the following courses for a Public and Nonprofit Management focus:

  • MGMT 3001 or HRIR 3021
  • MKTG 3001
  • PA 3003
  • PA 4101

The College of Science and Engineering recommends the following courses for its majors:

  • ACCT 3001
  • FINA 3001
  • MGMT 3001
  • MKTG 3001

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Management Minor Application

To access the application you must be a current undergraduate student at the University of Minnesota and you must log in with your Internet ID (x.500 username) and password.