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Nick Pilger, BSB 2010, graduated with dual majors in Human Resources & Industrial Relations and Nonprofit Management.

He currently works for the American Cancer Society (ACS) in the Community Relations Department where he is responsible for raising awareness, reaching out to the community and coordinating fundraising events such as Relay For Life. His typical day (as detailed below) is highly dynamic, interactive and fulfilling.

Nick Pilger Headshot

6:00 AM

Nick wakes up in his Downtown St. Paul condo. It's Monday morning of another busy week, and he sneaks in some more ZZZ's by pressing the snooze a few times. By 6:45 AM, he is up and about -- checking his phone for emails, scanning his calendar, and (of course) peeking at Facebook. He leaves by 7:15 AM for his first meeting in Oakdale with the Tartan High School H.A.C. student committee (High Schools Against Cancer).

8:00 AM

As many as 40 impassioned students arrive to meet with Nick before their school day begins, and they discuss plans for an upcoming Relay For Life event. Before departing from the school, Nick stops by the main office to pick up any donations that have been collected -- and he is on his way to the American Cancer Society office.

10:00 AM

After processing the Tartan donations, Nick heads back to his desk to address the meeting's takeaways. On the way, he checks in with one of his coworkers about another Relay scheduled for the same weekend as Tartan's event.

American Cancer Society Building

12:00 PM

Nick shoots an IM to several of his Community Relations colleagues. It's time to head into the breakroom for lunch. After eating and chatting, Nick heads back to his desk to squeeze in a little work before heading back to Tartan for a Team Captain meeting.

2:00 PM

By 2:30 PM, he is driving back to Tartan with posters, pamphlets, handouts and spreadsheets. These materials will help his students stay on track with their Relay planning.

4:00 PM

After the Team Captain meeting and a quick debrief with the students' Faculty Advisor, Nick heads home to relax and go for a run. He's preparing for an upcoming ACS half- marathon.

Relay for Life Event Picture

6:00 PM

Even though the work computer stays in the briefcase at home, Nick seems to be constantly checking his phone for communications and updates from the many stakeholders involved in the events he plans. Before setting the phone down, he responds to a few text messages from his high school contacts.

8:00 PM 

Nick winds down from his day with his girlfriend. They have dinner and watch a few recorded shows. He heads to bed around 11:00pm. Tomorrow, Nick will be bringing the ACS Relay For Life program to another school.


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