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Elizabeth Guest, BSB 2012, graduated with dual majors in Entrepreneurship and Nonprofit Management.

As an undergraduate student of our program, Elizabeth had the opportunity to serve as the Community Relations Intern with the Land O'Lakes Foundation where she helped launch the Answer Plot Community Garden program, a national hunger initiative. This enriching experience (which is detailed below) laid the foundation for her current position with Cargill Corporate Affairs.

Elizabeth Guest in a garden

6:00 AM

Elizabeth, Land O'Lakes Community Relations Intern, wakes up in LaCrosse, Wisconsin -- having just arrived the night before. She checks her email, texts her team members and they meet for breakfast at 7:00 AM.

8:00 AM

The team heads to the Answer Plot Community Garden in West Salem, WI for a photo shoot while five local Future Farmers of America students harvest the garden. They pull weeds and pick crops while the photography team takes over. It's a muddy day, which makes for some fun moments.

10:00 AM

The team meets the videographers at two locations (the local co-op and the local food pantry) to tape their discussion with the Answer Plot Community Garden partners. They detail how new program has positively impacted the community.

12:00 PM

The team and partners take a lunch break at Buffalo Wild Wings. Everyone is a little muddy, but there are laughs and good stories shared that will help shape the garden as it grows. The team is informed that Rep. Ron Kind (D-WI), saw a segment on the local networks about the garden and wants to learn more about it. It sounds like the team will soon be returning with a news crew!

Elizabeth Guest and others in the Giving Garden

2:00 PM

All return to the garden to work while the videographers take over. As they tape their final segments, Elizabeth and team start grabbing quotes and flipping through photo thumbnails from the interviews. These quotes and images will come in handy for an upcoming issue the Land O'Lakes magazine.

Land O Lakes Growing Together Magazine Cover

6:00 PM

The team arrives back in Minnesota, knowing that they've captured all the material they need to create a fantastic cover for the magazine, and some multimedia stories for the corporate website.

8:00 PM

Elizabeth finishes up a few emails at home before calling it an early night. Tomorrow, she will be discussing strategic plans for the garden program with the Foundation Executive Director and the Director of Seed and Agronomy Services. After these strategies are finalized, the program will be presented to the Board of Directors.

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