Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship Faculty

Faculty in the Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship department are interested in strategic management, organizational studies, entrepreneurship, ethics, and international management. Their research orientation is the development of theory that is driven by applied managerial and organizational problems. Faculty research and teaching interests range from competitive strategy, new business creation, inter-firm networks and innovation, to ethics, team dynamics, negotiation and the management of global businesses.

Mary Benner
Department Chair, John and Nancy Lindahl Professor for Excellence in Business Education
3-430 Carlson School
Sunasir Dutta
Assistant Professor
Daniel Forbes
Associate Professor
Russell Funk
Assistant Professor
Aseem Kaul
Associate Professor, The Mosaic Company - Jim Prokopanko Professor for Corporate Responsibility
Jiao Luo
Associate Professor
Alfred Marcus
Professor, Edson Spencer Endowed Chair in Strategy and Technological Leadership
Myles Shaver
Professor, Curtis L. Carlson Chair in Corporate Strategy
Paul M. Vaaler
Professor and John and Bruce Mooty Chair in Law & Business
Joel Waldfogel
Associate Dean of MBA Programs
Alex Wilson
Assistant Professor
Sandy Yu
Assistant Professor
3-155 Carlson School
Aks Zaheer
Professor, Curtis L. Carlson Chair in Strategic Management
Shaker A. Zahra
Robert E. Buuck Chair of Entrepreneurship
Anne Cohen
Senior Lecturer
Alan Fine
Senior Lecturer
Rand Park
Senior Lecturer
4-249 Carlson School
Mary Rosa
Senior Lecturer
4-229 Carlson School
Stuart Albert
Associate Professor Emeritus
Norman Bowie
Professor Emeritus
3-365 Carlson School
John Mauriel
Associate Professor Emeritus
Thomas Murtha
Associate Professor Emeritus