Information and Decision Sciences Faculty

Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty
Gedas Adomavicius
Chair & Professor
3-320 Carlson School of Management
Ravi Bapna
Curtis L. Carlson Chair in Business Analytics and Information Systems; Associate Dean for Executive Education, Academic Director, Carlson Analytics Lab
3-365 Carlson School
Sofia Bapna
Assistant Professor
3-360 CarlSMgmt
Gordon Burtch
Associate Professor & McKnight Presidential Fellow
3-368 Carlson School
Jason Chan
Assistant Professor
3-374 Carlson School
Shawn Curley
Professor, DGS & Ph.D. Program Director
3-388 CarlSMgmt
Brad Greenwood
Associate Professor
CSOM 3-410
Alok Gupta
Associate Dean of Faculty and Research, Curtis L. Carlson Schoolwide Chair in Information Management, Professor of Information & Decision Sciences.
3-436 CarlSMgmt
De Liu
Associate Professor & 3M Fellow in Business Analytics; Academic Director, MS in Business Analytics
3-418 Carlson School
Edward McFowland III
Assistant Professor
3-362 Carlson School
Gautam Ray
3-410 CarlSMgmt
Yuqing Ren
Associate Professor & Lawrence Fellow
3-314 CarlSMgmt
Soumya Sen
Assistant Professor, Jim & Mary Lawrence Fellow, Director of Research - MIS Research Center
CSOM 3-370
Mani Subramani
Associate Professor
3-318 Carlson School
Full-Time Instructional Staff
Vedran Lelas
Senior Lecturer
Carlson School
Timothy Olson
Senior Lecturer
4-175 CarlSMgmt
Emeritus Faculty
Carl Adams
Professor Emeritus
3-314 CarlSMgmt
Norman Chervany
Professor Emeritus
3-316 CarlSMgmt
Gordon Davis
Professor Emeritus
Room 3-365 CarlSMgmt
Gordon Everest
Associate Professor Emeritus
4-179 CarlSMgmt
Paul Johnson
Professor Emeritus
J Naumann
Associate Professor Emeritus
3-412 CarlSMgmt