Recent Dissertation Titles

  • "Nominal Frictions, Firm Leverage, and Investment" John Pokorny (2017)
  • "Debt Structure as a Strategic Bargaining Tool" Yue Qiu (2017)
  • "Capital Misallocation & Financial Market Frictions: Empirical Evidence from Equity Cost of Financing" Junyah Shen (2016)
  • "Efficient Contracting, Creditor Rights, and Corporate Finance: An International Perspective" Amanda Heitz (2015)
  • "Two Essays on Dynamic Models of Firm Financing" Hongda Zhong (2015)
  • "Essays on Stock Anomalies and Equity Fund Performance," Huijun Wang (2013)
  • "Essays in Corporate Finance," Tao Shen (2013)
  • "Investment-Specific Shocks and Momentum Profits," Jun Li (2012)
  • "Risk-Taking Decisions and Product Market Strategy of Financial Intermediaries," Daniil Osipov (2012)
  • "Essays on Corporate Governance," Yihui Pan (2011)
  • "Essays on Dynamic Economies with Frictions," Mahdi (Pedram) Nezafat (2011)
  • "The Determinants and Impact of Executive-firm Matches," Yihui Pan (2011)
  • "Essays in Asset Pricing," Fan Yang (2011)
  • "An Empirical Test of Guides to the Selection of Industrial Common Staocks for Institutions," Stephen Hunt Archer (2010)
  • "Private Information andInformation Asymmetry in Equity Carve-Outs," Huijing Fu (2010)
  • "Three Essays about the Financial Impact of Top Managers on Firm Value," Young Han Kim (2009)

Student Publications and Presentations

  • "Inflation, Welfare, and the Fisher Effect," 2015 Midwest Finance Association, John Pokorny with Boyd, J. and Jalal, A.
  • "Investor Sentiment and Economic Forces," 2014 Annual Conference of Finance Management Association, Junyan Shen with Yu, J.