Tuition and Financial Aid

Funding Package

All admitted students are guaranteed five years of funding of approximately $52,000 annually as long as they make good progress in the program:

  • Minimum 9-month stipend of $23,000 in the form of teaching and research assistantships and/or fellowships
  • Summer research fellowships of $5,000 available annually in years 1–4 to those making good academic progress
  • Health insurance fully covered by program (estimated cost $4,500 annually)
  • Health insurance for spouse and dependents at a reduced rate (paid by student)
  • Full tuition waiver for five years (estimated cost $16,000 annually)
  • All student fees paid by program (estimated cost $2,800 annually)
  • Annual research and teaching supplement of $1,200 (years 1–2) and $1,500 (years 3–5)
  • Additional opportunities for funding available on a competitive basis

Assistantships & Fellowships


Funding consists of 50%-time teaching and/or research assistantships that involve approximately 20 hours of work per week. These assistantships qualify students for tuition waivers and health insurance benefits.


A variety of fellowship opportunities are available to students as they progress through the program.  These fellowships include Summer Research Fellowships, Travel Fellowships, Dissertation Fellowships, as well as graduate school fellowships.

Research and Teaching Supplement

Each student receives $1,200–1,500 per year in a Research and Teaching Supplement (RATS) account to help defray the costs of research- and teaching-related expenses, such as paying subjects, purchasing software and datasets for research, and travel associated with presentations.

Health Insurance

All PhD students are eligible for the University's Graduate Assistant Health Plan. The program covers the full cost for student insurance premiums, approximately $4,500 annually. Reduced-cost health insurance is also available for spouses and dependents (paid by student).

Student Fees

All student fees are paid by the program and amount to approximately $2,800 annually.