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It’s an incredibly exciting time to join the marketing/advertising industry. As brands respond to rapidly changing technology and an ever-complex society, the industry continues to evolve and include different disciplines and skillsets.

What is marketing?

“Marketing” is an umbrella term for anything dealing with the creation of a product or service and its subsequent branding in the hopes of getting people to buy or interact with it. This career-oriented degree provides a professional education with either a strong background in liberal arts, as a Bachelor of Arts, or a more technical approach, as a Bachelor of Science.


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Why a masters in marketing degree?

If you’re interested in business, psychology, or social studies then this is a degree for you. Marketing covers everything from advertising to market research, so it appeals to a wide variety of students.

The reality of a Marketing degree is that it's open-ended, and you can, therefore, tailor your career to what you're passionate about. With many Marketing degrees, there's the potential for a year in industry, which allows an invaluable period of experience in real-life marketing roles.

Salary data pulled from Burning Glass
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