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Career Impact

It’s an incredibly exciting time to join the marketing/advertising industry. As brands respond to rapidly changing technology and an ever-complex society, the industry continues to evolve and include different disciplines and skillsets.

What is marketing?

“Marketing” is an umbrella term for creating a product or service and its subsequent branding to get people to buy or interact with it. This career-oriented degree provides a professional education in marketing suited for those from a liberal arts background with a Bachelor of Arts and those with more technical skills from a Bachelor of Science. After completion of the degree, graduates will have cutting-edge skills and innovative approaches to marketing, making them highly competitive applicants for various professional opportunities.

Employment Statistics


average starting salary for 2022 Master of Marketing graduates


employment rate for 2022 Master of Marketing graduates within 6 months of graduation

Expand your career options

Learn how the Carlson School Master of Marketing degree has helped three alumni launch their marketing career at three different companies.

5 Reasons to Get a Master’s in Marketing Degree

If you’re interested in business, psychology, or social studies then this is a degree for you. Marketing covers everything from advertising to market research, so it appeals to a wide variety of students.

The reality of a Marketing degree is that it's open-ended, and you can, therefore, tailor your career to what you're passionate about. With many Marketing degrees, there's the potential for a year in industry, which allows an invaluable period of experience in real-life marketing roles.

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