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A Deep Dive with a Broad View

Students in the Master of Business Taxation Program explore the latest topics—new statutes, regulations, IRS pronouncements, and more—while also gaining a greater perspective on the relationship between tax and business issues. This combination allows students to expand their careers to positions in consulting, management, and other roles in the tax industry.

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Students complete 30 credits through full-time or part-time schedules, with online classes and breaks from early March until mid-April to accommodate working tax professionals. The average MBT student completes the program in two to three years.

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MBT coursework covers fundamental taxation topics such as research and corporate tax, as well as a wide array of electives that examine specific areas such as international tax, state and local tax, and mergers and acquisitions.

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Our instructors draw from decades of industry experience in the realms of public accounting, law, corporate tax departments, and the Internal Revenue Service. These expert practitioners remain up to date in their specialties in the face of constant change. Many MBT students bring years of professional work to the classroom, creating a unique educational environment where students learn not just from instructors but from each other.

More Choices for Your Taxation Education

Enhance your skills with a graduate certificate in taxation. Graduate Certificates allow students to enroll in 12 credits (4-6 courses) of graded, transcripted coursework that can usually be completed in a single academic year. Candidates who complete a certificate may apply it to the Master of Business Taxation program should they decide to continue.

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