Welcome to the Part-Time MBA Program

Congratulations on your admission to the Carlson Part-Time MBA Program! We look forward to having you join our talented class of distinguished professionals representing a diverse range of backgrounds and industries. Please visit this website often as you prepare to embark upon your MBA studies at the Carlson School.

Using your log-in information, visit the confirmation website and click the link to "respond to your admission offer". You will need your University of Minnesota 7-digit student identification number (Student ID) and current preferred e-mail address (provided in your admissions letter).

If your plans change and you will not be joining us, please update the MBA Program through the confirmation website. If you have questions about the process or need additional time to make your decision, contact Brian Jacobson, Admissions Manager, at 612-625-0727 or jacob083@umn.edu.

You will use your Internet ID for secure log-ins, accessing university email, viewing grades, updating financial information, registering for classes, and reviewing other resources in the MyU Portal.

You will receive an email from your MBA student affairs team with your Internet ID and 7-digit student ID number.

Initialize Your University Internet Account

You will need to set-up your Internet ID within 48 hours of receipt of the e-mail notification from your academic adviser that includes your Internet ID. Be sure to check your University e-mail account regularly. Your University e-mail account is the University's official means of communication with you.

To initiate your account, you will need your social security number, seven-digit Student ID number, Internet ID, and birth date. If you did not provide a social security number on your application, or if you do not have one, leave this field blank when setting up your account.

To initialize your University of Minnesota Internet ID, go to: https://www.umn.edu/initiate.

After submitting the initialization form, a screen displays with your Internet ID and password. Make note of your Internet ID and the password you created. You will be able to use this Internet ID and password to log into your University e-mail.

If you plan to apply for federal financial assistance, you must submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The University of Minnesota's financial aid counselors at One Stop Student Services will not be able to discuss your financial aid options until your FAFSA is received.

You will need your tax information to complete your FAFSA. Federal financial aid for Spring 2019 is based on the information in your 2016 tax return. The UMN school code is: 003969.

The My Finances tab in the MyU portal provides personalized information on your financial aid progress. Contact One Stop Student Services for questions regarding financial aid or visit the Finances & Tuition page.

This is very important! Before classes start, complete the Boynton Health Service Student Immunization Form to avoid a registration hold in your second semester. The form and instructions are on the Boynton Immunization Requirements page.

All admitted students' transcripts were automatically reviewed for course waivers at the time of admission to the Part-Time MBA program. Students receiving core course waivers will take additional elective credits for professional development to reach the necessary 52 credits required for graduation. Automatic course waivers are based on the waiver criteria determined by MBA faculty. Details on this may be found on the MBA Resources site on Canvas under the Waiver Exams tab.  

Students who are not waived of core courses during the admission waiver review process may take waiver exams for selected core courses. Only confirmed students can take waiver exams. Exam sign up is available on MBA Resources on Canvas on the Waiver Exams tab. A student may only take one waiver exam per course or requirement, and all waiver exams must be completed by the end of the first semester of enrollment in the Part-Time MBA Program. To earn a core course waiver a student must pass the exam with a B or better or as determined by the department offering the core course.

Additional Resources

  • MBA Resources on Canvas (Note: Canvas is only available to confirmed students)
    • Your first time logging into Canvas you must accept the “terms of use”. If you don’t, you will not be able to see your classes and MBA resources. 

Registration for new students for Spring 2019 courses begins December 7th, 2018. Courses for Spring 2019 will begin on January 22, 2019. Students who have confirmed admission to the Carlson Part-Time MBA program and initialized their UMN Internet ID may register for MBA 6300 Strategic Management.

MBA 6300 Strategic Management is required during the first semester of the program. Students can register for additional fall 2018 courses after enrolling in MBA 6300. Most MBA students register for one core course (3 credits) or two core courses (5-6 credits) in the first semester. Visit the Academic Resources tab on MBA Resources on Canvas for more details on class selection.

Additional Resources

  • MBA Resources on Canvas (Note: Canvas is only available to confirmed students)
    • Your first time logging into Canvas you must accept the “terms of use”. If you don’t, you will not be able to see your classes and MBA resources. 
  • How To Guides (include step-by-step instructions on how to enroll in courses, how to drop courses, and more)
  • MyU Portal

The goals of the Carlson Part-Time MBA Orientation program are to prepare students for academic success and to foster connections with classmates. Orientation is a required commitment for all students beginning the MBA program.

Orientation is two days: the evening of Friday, January 11th and all-day Saturday, January 12th. Starting in December, confirmed students will have access to MBA Resources in Canvas where a tentative Orientation agenda is available. 

U Card

Your U Card is required for after-hours access to the Carlson School and Hanson Hall buildings, breakout rooms, and the textbook rental program. You can obtain your U Card by visiting the main U Card office on the ground floor of Coffman Memorial Union or the satellite U Card office at the Coffman Memorial Union information desk. 

If you are a new student to the University of Minnesota, you can choose to upload a photo online and pick up your U Card at orientation. Please continue to watch for email communcations.

It is recommended that you obtain your U Card prior to the start of the Spring 2019 semester on January 22nd.

Note: if you are still in possession of a U Card issued to you within the last 5 years, you do not need to obtain a new U Card (unless your legal name has changed). As a holder of a previously issued U card, you will have to request access to the Master's Student Lounge, study rooms, and the Carlson School building during non-public hours. This access request form can be found on MBA Resources on Canvas.

Additional Resources

    Classes begin Tuesday, January 22nd, 2019. Before you begin your MBA program you will need to do the following:

    • Verify your enrollment using the MyClasses tab in the MyU Portal
    • Order your textbooks
    • Check Moodle or Canvas at least two weeks before class begins. Instructors may post video lectures, a syllabus, an assignment, or other class content on Moodle or Canvas. Canvas is a new learning platform that the university will be transitioning during the 2018-2019 school year, but some instructors will still use Moodle for their courses. If you are uncertain of which platform to use for a particular course, contact the instructor. 

    Other resources to help you prepare for your first day:

    After attending Orientation, your primary resource for MBA Program information will be MBA Resources on Canvas.

    The MBA Student Affairs staff are available to answer academic and involvement questions. Contact us at mbasa@umn.edu or 612-625-5555.

    Contact Part-Time MBA