Alumni Network

More than 55,000 alumni in more than 100 countries stay connected with the Carlson School. They endlessly enrich our educational environment—and your opportunities beyond our classrooms—because they know the rigor of our program firsthand and look to us for their new colleagues.

Wherever you desire to take your career, we have the alumni network that can help get you there. This is just a small representation of Carlson's global alumni network:

Location Name Title Company Year Graduated
Chicago John Kaiser Senior Manager Groupon '05 MBA
Colorado Barbara Mowry Founder GoreCreek Advisors '75 MBA
Minneapolis John Mulligan CFO Target Corporation '96 MBA
New York Catherine Mathis Senior Vice President Standard & Poor's, McGraw Hill Companies, Inc. '79 MBA
Portland Marc Friedman Merchandise Manager adidas Originals '10 MBA
Brunei Melinda Pavek Deputy of Chief of Mission U.S. Department of State, U.S. Embassy '03 MBA
Chile Antonio Fortes Managing Director Vicam Funds '09 MBA
Hong Kong Richard Fong COO Lord & Triggs Environment Technology '82 MBA
India Dev Jain Managing Director Alexander Architects Private Limited '05 MBA
London Andrew Sukawaty Executive Chairman Inmarsat '86 MBA
Poland Tomasz Bochenek VP Sales and Marketing Microsoft '99 MBA

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