The Carlson Part-Time MBA program offers the flexibility for students to customize their courses to pursue their ideal career path. Establish a foundation of fundamental business knowledge through core classes that cover everything from accounting to marketing to supply chain and operations. Build your expertise by choosing from a wide range of electives that match your professional interests and career goals.

Learn more about elective course offerings by exploring the course listings below, grouped by functional area. The courses listed represent typical offerings in an academic year. Not all electives are offered every semester.

With courses offered online and in condensed formats, the Carlson Part-Time MBA Program flexes to fit your life. Learn more about customizing your program to fit your timeline, career goals, and course format preferences.

Class Formats

We offer several different course formats within our traditional fall, spring, and summer semesters - formats include in-person, condensed weekend, and online courses. Most of the classes are offered in the evening during the week and on Saturdays. You can spend less time traveling to and from school by taking most of your courses online and in condensed formats. If limiting your time on campus, minimizing your commute, and maintaining flexibility is part of what you are looking for in a program, online and condensed format courses will support completing your degree on your terms.

MBA Course Formats:

2 Credit courses: 

  • A-term: first seven weeks of the semester, two credit core or elective courses, meeting once a week.
  • B-term: last seven weeks of the semester, two credit core or elective courses, meeting once a week.
  • Condensed: two credit core or elective courses, meeting three full days. This course may meet for three consecutive weeks, every other week for three weeks, or three times in two weeks. The timing of the condensed course offerings changes each semester. We now have some condensed courses that meet 4-5 times for half-days.

3 Credit courses: All three-credit courses are core courses, meeting once a week. 

4 Credit courses: All four-credit courses are elective courses, meeting once a week. In summer, our 4 credit courses will meet twice a week.

Online: These can be one of three credit core courses or two/four credit elective courses.

Part-Time MBA Core Course & Electives

 Our Part-Time MBA is designed with the flexibility to fit your life. In addition to our online format courses, any courses demarcated with an asterisk (*) is offered in a condensed format. More information on course delivery formats, please connect with a recruiter.

To review specific elective courses, read courses description and course outcomes, please visit our MBA Electives Site.

  • MBA 6300 Strategic Management - 3 credits
  • MBA 6120 Data Analysis & Statistics - 3 credits
  • MBA 6030 Financial Accounting - 3 credits
  • MBA 6220 Supply Chain & Operations - 3 credits
  • MBA 6230 Financial Management - 3 credits
  • MBA 6210 Marketing Management - 3 credits
  • MBA 6035 Managerial Accounting - 3 credits
  • MBA 6110 Leading Others - 2 credits
  • MBA 6315 Business Ethics - 2 credits

Choose 1 of the following

  • IDSC 6040 IT Management - 2 credits
  • IDSC 6050 IT Solutions - 2 credits

Choose 1 of the following

  • MBA 6140 Managerial Economics - 2 credits
  • FINA 6341 World Economy - 4 credits

For the required International Experience course, navigate to the International Business/Study Abroad (IBUS) tab

Choose 1 of the following

  • MGMT 6305 Int’l Environment of Business - 4 credits
  • IDSC 6465 Global Sourcing of IT - 4 credits
  • SCO 6081 Global Operations Strategy - 4 credits
  • MKTG 6072 International Marketing - 4 credits
  • IBUS 5/6xxx Global Enrichment - 4 credits
  • IBUS 5/6xxx Global Immersion/Exchange - credits vary


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With the Carlson MBA, you can pursue a wide variety of electives to develop a solid functional expertise in leading career sectors that interest you. These specializations may include:

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