The Global Medical Industry MBA program is designed to equip experienced professionals with knowledge and practical skills related to the management of the medical industry.  Online course delivery allows students to complete this degree from anywhere in the world. Students will fully engage with the class content and virtual discussions, facilitated by faculty.  Classes are taught by preeminent faculty in the field who hold a strong commitment to teaching, learning, and research. A key component of the class will be the use of cases based on real issues facing well-known organizations and leaders. In addition, students conduct market assessments for new medical innovations through the Medical Industry Valuation Lab, helping assess new medical product ideas and streamlining the time to market.

For my leadership and ethics course, it is important to unpack and explore these real-time case examples: the supply chain for adequate PPE for essential workers; the accelerated timelines for new vaccine development; the need to adopt sometimes difficult measures to protect employees from COVID-19. My course allows students to discuss and analyze these cases, and others, in a reflective and methodical way.

– Rand Park. Senior Lecturer, Carlson School of Management