The MBA Program offers scholarship and student engagement opportunities that encourage a highly diverse student body and support the academic success of students from historically underrepresented and non-traditional backgrounds.


The MBA Program offers several ways for students to help fund their graduate education. In addition to our merit-based scholarships, we have worked to create a robust base of scholarship funding for students typically underrepresented in the graduate study in management.

The Carlson School also collaborates with the following external organizations to provide scholarship funding for students the University of Minnesota recognizes as diverse.

Student Organizations

The University of Minnesota and the Carlson School have a long history of supporting the co-curricular student experience through student organizations. Several of these student organizations are focused on diversity within the study of management.

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Organizational Partnerships

The Carlson School of Management builds and sustains relationships with partner organizations for the mutual benefit of providing students with a network of support, employment opportunities, and career advancement.

These organizations and the University share common goals of educational advancement, development of relationships and networks, as well as providing the support and tools to underrepresented populations to succeed in the business world.

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