Medical Industry Careers

Healthcare is one of the fast-growing industry sectors in the world, and the Carlson School is situated amid a thriving community of medical organizations. The Carlson MBA Program offers a specialized curriculum, opportunities to partner with leading healthcare companies to solve real-world challenges, and unmatched access to a wide variety of medical industry employers.


The Carlson MBA program leverages expertise from across the University of Minnesota and the local healthcare business community to provide an up-to-the-minute curriculum relevant to the dynamic medical industry.



Medical Industry Valuation Lab

The Medical Industry Valuation Laboratory gives Carlson MBA students the unique opportunity to perform a market analysis for a new medical technology with the potential to benefit lives. Students are placed on teams and challenged to analyze market size; evaluate technical, business, preliminary intellectual property, and regulatory challenges; and develop a recommendation for continuing product development or market feasibility for an early-stage technology.




Enterprise Program

In addition to the Medical Industry Valuation Lab, MBA students gain firsthand experience through one of four Enterprise programs-Brands, Consulting, Ventures or Funds.


Dual Degree Opportunities

The Dual Degree Program enables high-achieving students to develop sought-after business expertise that complements their graduate curriculum. Earn a Carlson School MBA in addition to the following degrees in less than two years of additional study.

  • Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA)-MBA
  • PharmD-MBA
  • MD-MBA

Popular MBA Courses

  • Medical Industry Valuation Laboratory (Experiential Learning)
  • Medical Technology Evaluation & Market Research
  • The Healthcare Marketplace
  • Healthcare Delivery Innovations: Optimizing Cost and Quality

Healthcare Beyond the Classroom

The Carlson School offers a variety of clubs and organizations for students to explore healthcare beyond the classroom and expand their networks.



Medical Industry Leadership Institute Student Association (MILIsa)

MILIsa Student Association is laying the foundation for a new set of global medical industry leaders by developing and promoting a sustainable network of professionals, providing opportunities and exposure to current topics in the industry, and creating avenues for successful transition into this field. 



Solving Business Challenges

The Carlson School regularly hosts case competitions in which medical industry leaders pose real business challenges to student teams.


Preview a Course

Get a free online preview of the Carlson School's 2-credit Healthcare Marketplace Overview course offered through Coursera. The course covers the major sub-sectors of the healthcare industry. No prior experience in the healthcare industry is necessary.  

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