Take advantage of our merit-based scholarships—available only for University of Minnesota alumni—to propel your career forward with the Carlson Full-Time MBA program. Awards are partial to full tuition waiver scholarships.

Eligibility Requirements

University of Minnesota – Crookston, Duluth, Morris, Rochester, and Twin Cities undergraduate and graduate alumni will automatically be considered for the University of Minnesota Alumnus Scholarship upon admittance into the Full-Time MBA program. Recipients will be selected based on merit for scholarship awards ranging from a partial to a full tuition waiver. Notification of scholarship awards will be sent with the official letter of admission.

How it’s Possible: Alumni Helping Future Alumni

This scholarship has been made available to University of Minnesota alumni thanks to the generosity of John and Nancy Lindahl. John earned a BSB in business administration and a Bachelor of Science in economics, and Nancy earned a Bachelor of Science in elementary education. As alumni, they have been long-time supporters of the University of Minnesota and the Carlson School.

Scholarship Success Story: Sara Moret

Sara Moret, '16 MBA, joined the Carlson Full-Time MBA Program in 2014 with an undergraduate degree in Economics from the University of Minnesota and having worked at Brightpeak Financial, a start-up organization owned by Thrivent Financial.

During her time as an MBA student, Sara has received several scholarships and fellowships to support her educational journey financially.

"The passion that alumni have for the school is so fantastic, and I think my story is a great example of that," she says. "I have been able to make a career move I could never have dreamed possible before starting full time, and it was because of the generosity and support of alumni and friends of the school."

During Sara’s first year in the Full-Time MBA program, she was offered an internship at Bain & Company, one of the most elite consulting firms in the world.

"The alumni network has been so much more valuable than I ever could have imagined," she says. "I absolutely would not have been considered for my internship without the Carlson name behind me."

Graduating in May 2016, Sara will continue her career path in management consulting.