Immersion Week

Immersion Week is an intense 5-day, live-in experience that provides valuable tools to help you work in diverse study teams. During immersion week in your first year, the focus is on adjusting to being back in school, executive communication, study team bonding, cohort networking and leadership development. It also features a complete statistics boot camp.

The Immersion Week experience is all inclusive of food, parking and lodging at the Courtyard Marriot located at 1500 Washingston Ave, Minneapolis, MN.


Immersion Week is held Tuesday, September 2 - Saturday, September 6, 2014. A typical day is from 6:30am - 4:30pm with varying activities in the evening. For a more in-depth [tentative] schedule, please visit the quick links section to the right.

The finalized schedule will be distributed during New Student Orientation.

Pre-class assignments

There may be pre-course work that needs to be done for Accounting and Statistics Workshops, as well as for the Study Group and Executive Communication Workshops held during Immersion Week.

We will be in communication in late July regarding any and all pre-class assignments.


  • 612-625-5555