2019 Carlson International Human Resources Case Competition

The Carlson International HR Case Competition (CIHRCom) is a team competition where student teams from around the world will present solutions to a live business case in the area of international human resource management. The competition consists of two rounds:

  • Sept 15 - 21, 2019: A written preliminary round. Six teams will advance to the final round.
  • November 14 - 16, 2019: The final round of live presentations at Carlson School of Management, at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, MN. It will be a 3-day event including an opening dinner Thursday evening; a work day on Friday; and presentations, awards, and closing ceremony and dinner on Saturday. All participants are encouraged to arrive on Wednesday and are welcome to stay through Sunday. Accommodations and food will be provided by the organizers, with subsidized or fully covered travel expenses.

The Value of Case Competitions

Four Carlson School of Management Human Resources and Industrial Relations students recently took second place in the school's International Human Resources case competition. The students discuss the value of participating in the competition and how it adds to their overall education at Carlson.

What is a Case Competition?

In a case competition, participants compete to present the best solution to a business case within an allocated time frame. The case competition at the Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota, will focus on the topic of international human resources management. The main corporate sponsor of the competition will decide what the focus within this area will be.

The actual case at the competition will be a “live case”—the main corporate sponsor of the competition writes the case on a current issue that it faces, asking for recommendations to reach its desired outcomes.

The competition is team-based. Every participating school will have a team of four members, with all first year students or two first-year and at most two second year student on the team. The participants are from graduate level master's programs across the globe, with accredited Human Resources Management (HRM) and MBA with HRM focus programs.

Teams deliver presentations for judges that include a formal presentation and the answering of questions from the judges. It is a great opportunity for students to find creative and strategic solutions to real-life business issues.

There are prizes and trophies associated with the top teams as well as the opportunity to be exposed to some of the top Fortune 500 companies in the world.

The competition will be held in the English language.

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