Course Syllabi

The Master of Human Resources and Industrial Relations degree program requires completion of 48 semester credits. Students take 40 credits in Human Resources and Industrial Relations and 8 credits in related fields, such as management courses.

Full-time students typically enroll in 12 credits per semester and complete the degree in two academic years. The first year of the program consists of 24 credits of HRIR required core courses. The second year consists of 14 credits of HRIR electives, 8 credits of related field electives, plus 2 credits of the capstone course on strategy, execution, and ethics.

Part-time students typically take 4–8 credits each semester and complete the program in 3–4 years.

To help you get a feel for the topics covered in each class, below are recent sample syllabi. 

If you are a current HRIR student and you are interested in seeing a full description of the courses below, visit the internal HRIR Course Catalog on OneStop.

1. HRIR Offerings - Partial Listing

Choose at least 12 credits from a rich array of HRIR offerings, such as:

(This is a partial list.)


2. HRIR Issues Analysis

Choose at least 2 credits to enhance your ability to analyze HRIR issues using economic concepts: 

3. Related Fileds - Partial Listing

For students who didn't major in business, we strongly recommend taking MBA 6030 Financial Accounting. Choose at least 8 credits from other University graduate programs to round out your knowledge.

  • MBA 6030 Financial Accounting (3 credits) 
  • MBA 6220 Operations Management (3 credits)
  • MBA 6230 Financial Management (3 credits) 
  • MBA 6210 Marketing Management (3 credits) 
  • MCOM 5400 Managerial Communications (2 credits)

(This is a partial list.)


4. Capstone

Culminate your experience with a required capstone course to synthesize your academic experience and transition into professional success and responsibility.

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