Register Here to Participate

Registration for the Carlson International Human Resources Case Competition opens on September 1, 2018 and will remain open through September 19, 2018. To register for the CIHRCom, please complete the two steps below.

Step 1.

The registration process has two steps. The first step is completing the Registration Form. After navigating to the Registration Form, please make sure to enter Promotional Code IHRCC18 in the box in the upper left BEFORE clicking on the Register button. This form contains all the information about your Program and names and contact information of the team members and your advisor. Please note that only one person per team or the Advisor needs to fill out a form. The first team member listed in the form will be considered the team leader. The organizers will do all of the correspondence with that person and it is their responsibility to communicate all the information to the team. Once you have submitted your form, the organizers will get in touch with you to confirm all of the contact info.

Step 2.

The second step is completing the Registration Fee payment. There is a $100 registration fee. This fee is nonrefundable. This a secure site supporting most major credit cards. You will be asked to create a guest login account to be able to make the payment. It is a simple process of selecting a username with a valid email address and coming up with a temporary password. Once the payment has been submitted, you will receive a confirmation from the site that you have successfully registered for the case competition. Only when the payment has been received are you officially registered and able to participate in the competition.