Tuition & Student Fees

The cost for Graduate Certificate students varies depending upon the graduate certificate you wish to obtain. Each certificate is associated with a graduate degree program, to which you may be eligible to transfer into upon completion of the certificate.

Certificate Name Associated Degree Cost Per Credit
Corporate Financial Management Part-Time or Online MBA $1,660
Leadership for Managers Part-Time or Online MBA $1,660
Strategic Management Part-Time or Online MBA $1,660
Strategic Marketing Part-Time or Online MBA $1,660
Medical Industry Part-Time or Online MBA $1,660
Supply Chain Management for the Medical and Health Sector Part-Time MBA, Online MBA, or

Master of Science in Supply Chain Management

Taxation Master of Business Taxation $1,428
International Taxation Master of Business Taxation $1,428
Closely-Held Business Taxation Master of Business Taxation $1,428
Tax Executives Master of Business Taxation $1,428
High Net Worth Individual Taxation Master of Business Taxation $1,428

Campus Fees

Fee Type (Charged per Semester) Fee Cost
Transportation Fee $71
Carlson School Collegiate Fee $290 (for less than 9 credits) 

Academic Records Fee

A one time academic records fee of $150 will be charged to all students during the first semester of the program.

Tuition Deposit

A non-refundable $200 tuition deposit, due upon admission, is applied toward tuition in the first semester of enrollment.

Books and Course Materials

The estimated cost of books and course materials is approximately $200/class.

Financial Aid

Some employers offer reimbursement programs for employees who enroll in a certificate program. To cover additional expenses, the University of Minnesota's office of student financial aid provides federal educational loan programs.

Most financial aid requires admission to a degree-seeking program, supportive funding is typically not available for non-degree and certificate-seeking students outside of those planning to eventually earn an advanced degree with their credits.

To apply for financial aid, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). You may complete it anytime; the University will process the application after you have been admitted. The University of Minnesota FAFSA code is 003969.

*All fees are subject to change.

External Scholarship Resources

Graduate Certificates do not offer scholarships as candidates are typically employed during the program. We encourage students to use a few strategies:
1) Take advantage of employer tuition benefits. Many companies are willing to contribute $5,250 annually. We encourage candidates to have a conversation with their supervisor or HR to understand their companies’ employer tuition benefit.
2) Consider moving through the program more slowly as the program is on a pay-per-credit tuition model. This could allow you to maximize annual benefits, as well as stagger personal contributions
3) Use personal savings.

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