Tuition & Student Fees

The cost for Graduate Certificate students varies depending upon the graduate certificate you wish to obtain. Each certificate is associated with a graduate degree program, to which you may be eligible to transfer into upon completion of the certificate.

Certificate Name Associated Degree Cost Per Credit
Asset Management Part-Time or Online MBA $1,605
Business Analytics Master of Applied Business Analytics or Part-Time or Online MBA $1,605
Corporate Financial Management Part-Time or Online MBA $1,605
Leadership for Managers Part-Time or Online MBA $1,605
Strategic Management Part-Time or Online MBA $1,605
Strategic Marketing Part-Time or Online MBA $1,605
Medical Industry Part-Time or Online MBA $1,605
Supply Chain Management for the Medical & Health Sector Part-Time or Online MBA or Master of Science in Supply Chain Management $1,605
Taxation Master of Business Taxation $1,380
International Taxation Master of Business Taxation $1,380
Closely-Held Business Taxation Master of Business Taxation $1,380
Tax Executives Master of Business Taxation $1,380
High Net Worth Individual Taxation Master of Business Taxation $1,380

Campus Fees

Fee Type (Charged per Semester) Fee Cost
Transportation Fee $25
Carlson School Collegiate Fee $290 (for less than 9 credits) 

Academic Records Fee

A one time academic records fee of $150 will be charged to all students during the first semester of the program.

Tuition Deposit

A $200 deposit, due upon admission, is applied toward tuition.

Books and Course Materials

The estimated cost of books and course materials is approximately $200/class.

Financial Aid

Some employers offer reimbursement programs for employees who enroll in a certificate program. To cover additional expenses, the University of Minnesota's office of student financial aid provides federal educational loan programs.

Most financial aid requires admission to a degree-seeking program, there is limited aid available for non-degree and certificate-seeking students.

To apply for financial aid, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). You may complete it anytime; the University will process the application after you have been admitted. The University of Minnesota FAFSA code is 003969.

If you have questions about loan programs, contact Jim Parker (612-626-0750), our Carlson MBA financial aid representative.

*All fees are subject to change.

External Scholarship Resources

Graduate Certificates do not offer scholarships as candidates are typically employed during the program. We encourage students to use a few strategies:
1) Take advantage of employer tuition benefits. Many companies are willing to contribute $5,250 annually. We encourage candidates to have a conversation with their supervisor or HR to understand their companies’ employer tuition benefit.
2) Consider moving through the program more slowly as the program is on a pay-per-credit tuition model. This could allow you to maximize annual benefits, as well as stagger personal contributions
3) Use personal savings.

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