Caleb Murphy

"Without the Carlson MBA, it would have taken decades to achieve the same level of understanding of management and healthcare."

My Story

As a born-and-raised Minnesotan, I decided soon after starting college that I wanted to help Minnesotans as a physician. However, after starting medical school, I was confronted by the sober reality that the system of medicine often impedes the practice of medicine. This sparked my passion for health policy and other systems-level healthcare topics, including medical industry, healthcare operations, and medical education. Earning an MBA from the Carlson School of Management was necessary to better understand these fields and grow as a professional. After earning my MD and MBA degrees and completing an internal medicine residency, I hope to work at the intersection of clinical medicine and healthcare system improvement.

Why Carlson?

The Carlson MBA offered the opportunity to focus my coursework around healthcare by working with the nationally-recognized Medical Industry Leadership Institute. As a future physician, this has afforded me an advanced understanding of issues that impact physicians on a daily basis, but that the medical school curriculum does not have time to cover, like healthcare policy, health insurance, and medical devices. Without the Carlson MBA, it would have taken decades to achieve the same level of understanding of management and healthcare. In addition, Carlson's expansive alumni network, great reputation, and strong industry relations will be a benefit throughout my career.

Overall Experience as a Carlson MBA Student

Becoming friends with my wonderful, talented classmates has been the most rewarding part of being a Carlson MBA student. In addition, I can now speak and understand the language of business and am developing a manager's mindset to accompany my medical worldview. This growth has already paid off. Recently, I was invited to sit as the only medical student member on a national health policy committee for a large physician organization. I doubt this would have happened if I was not a Carlson MBA student. In physician-dominated contexts, I bring a much-valued business perspective. In business contexts, I bring a highly-prized medical perspective. This versatility would not be possible without the world-class management education provided by Carlson.

About Caleb

Ramsey, MN
Undergraduate Institution
University of Northwestern-Saint Paul
Direct Transition from undergraduate to professional education
Carlson Activities
Medtronic Case Competition
Center for Integrative Leadership - Research assistant
Clinical Rotations in Emergency Medicine and Primary Care