Each year, we provide an opportunity for our attendees to network and connect with successful local female entrepreneurs. Join us for dessert and networking to close this year's conference. While visiting with these successful women, attendees will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite organization. The business with the most votes will be awarded $2,550 to support its mission.

  • expression med

    Expression Med

    Meghan Sharkus, Founder and CEO

    Expression Med creates custom adhesives for diabetic infusion sets to fit every interest and style, adding choice to diabetic care routines. In the beginning, 19-year-old Sharkus made the tapes by hand, but now her company is growing. Her adhesive holds medical devices on for more than seven days without fraying or peeling, in order to promote confidence and choice in the lives of those with diabetes by allowing them to pick fun designs and have access to a better product.

  • maddy and maize

    Maddy & Maize

    Lizzie Breyer, Chief Marketing Officer

    Maddy & Maize have a passion for popcorn. They were inspired by Maddy, a bright-eyed, enthusiastic girl who holds a special place in the creators' hearts, Maddy & Maize was determined to recreate a favorite snack using only the best local, all-natural and organic ingredients, without artificial flavors and coloring-- now proudly made in Minnesota.

  • asiya


    Fatimah Hussein , CEO, Founder
    Jamie Glover, COO & President, Co-Founder

    Asiya helps enable more Muslim girls and women to be physically active and participate in sports, while upholding their religious and cultural beliefs by creating sports activewear that honors and encourages Muslim women of all ages—young girls, tweens, teens, mature women—to experience a new level of confidence, cultural integrity, comfort, and health.

  • far north spirits

    Far North Spirits

    Cheri Reese, Co-Founder / Director of Marketing & Promotions

    Inspired by a heritage of independence, hardihood and agricultural abundance, founding partners Michael Swanson and Cheri Reese fled the corporate world to Michael's fourth-generation family farm. At Far North Spirits, they hand select, plant and harvest all non-GMO grains. They also mill, mash, ferment, distill and bottle all spirits entirely from start to finish-- making premium small batch, craft-distilled spirits that are inspired by Minnesota’s character and agricultural abundance and exceed the industry’s highest standards for taste, quality and authenticity.

  • seven sundays

    Seven Sundays

    Hannah Barnstable, Founder & CEO

    Seven Sundays started when the founders took a honeymoon to New Zealand and shared six weeks of hiking and camping, and nourishing breakfasts. Muesli became a staple, and breakfast became more than a meal. It was a time - a time spent together, reflecting, refueling and planning the next adventure. But when they returned home, craving a simpler life and New Zealand-style muesli, neither were to be had. Hannah started making her own and has been sharing her muesli ever since.

  • hope and joy

    Hope & Joy

    Sally Larson, Owner

    Hope & Joy creates kits of items that keep the mind, mouth, and hands busy with helpful, healthy things to do that de-stress the body when they or those they love are going through recovery from addiction. It is the hope that in sharing their own personal story, that the mother-daughter duo can bring comfort and waves of joy to others who have been affected by the disease of addiction.

  • catchwind innovation

    Catchwind Innovations

    Angel Adams, CEO & Co-founder

    Catchwind is a global marketplace that provides healthcare and device start-ups access to resources, stakeholders and investors. They accelerate companies from concept to commercialization-- driven to resolve the shortage of prioritization on medical devices designed, developed, tested and approved specifically for children. Their list of impressive, supportive stakeholders continues to grow.

  • improv parenting

    Improv Parenting

    Keren Gudeman, Founder, Instructor

    Improv Parenting is a playful approach to growing wholehearted kids, confident parents, and connected families-- No performance necessary. Their parent/child classes and workshops provide opportunities for families to connect, receive tips for navigating developmental stages and playful activities to try at home. They plan kids camps and classes which are led by skilled educators and blend creative activities, facilitated play and outdoor adventures. They draw from improvisation, storytelling, mindfulness, and research to demonstrate the power of play at all stages of life.

  • favorable treats

    Favorable Treats

    Junita Flowers, Founder, Owner

    Favorable Treats, a social impact venture, started with a good cookie and now supports a good cause. Their scratch-made, frozen pre-portioned cookie dough is made using recipes that have been in my family for decades. Junita believes the home is a place where warmth and safety abounds. As a survivor of domestic violence, she hopes every bag of her cookie dough brings warmth and happiness into their customers' homes. A portion of our annual profits is donated to support victims of domestic violence.

  • womenventure


    Sarah Pike, Women’s Business Center Director

    For more than three decades, WomenVenture has provided women of all ages, cultures, races and income levels with the tools and resources to achieve economic success through small business ownership. WomenVenture helps women attain economic self-sufficiency through the creation and growth of profitable and sustainable businesses. By 2020, 60% of clients who complete WomenVenture’s Pathways to Entrepreneurship program will be in business 5 years after launch and will pay themselves a living wage.