Breakout Sessions

Moving From Ally to Accomplice

Session Track: Surge and Soar

In her work and travels, Seena Hodges often hears people say things like, “I want to understand how racism continues to erode the fabric of this country,” “I want to be a better ally,” or “I want to know more about how I can make things better.” Then, they all end with the same sentence: “But I don’t know where to start.” Participate in an engaging, intimate interaction about allyship, privilege, and responsibility. Unpack the true meaning of allyship and consider ways that you can be a better human in your personal and professional life. You will leave this session with a plan for executing the work that authentic allyship requires.

Seena Hodges

Seena Hodges

Founder + CEO - The Woke Coach

Seena Hodges is a connector who is passionate about equity, intersectional feminism, and access to brave spaces for all. She is a dynamic communications professional with extensive experience in marketing and communications. She believes that racial equity is the defining issue of our time. She started The Woke Coach as she witnessed the nation’s awakening to racial injustices and saw an opportunity to help shepherd people through their transformational journeys. Through The Woke Coach, she engages with clients to facilitate conversations and build bridges to civil engagement one conversation at a time. Her goal is to help humans become the best, most understanding, empathic version of themselves.