Analytics in the Organization: Promoting a Data-driven Digital Mindset and Practice throughout the Company

Clearly, data and digital are two of the driving forces in business today. Executive leaders across industries see the potential, but when it comes to managing how an organization pursues all that data and digital promise, change can difficult. Companies must address any number of questions related to organizational structure, team composition, individual roles, and process transformation. Rohit Prabhakar has grappled with all these issues while leading digital transformation for many organizations. In this session, he'll share insights and lessons learned when it comes to driving technology-centered change in large organizations.

Rohit Prabhakar

VP, Enterprise Digital Marketing & E-Commerce - Thomson Reuters

Rohit Prabhakar currently leads digital marketing and e-commerce for Thomson Reuters as part of the Enterprise Digital Office. Rohit has led global, large-scale initiatives on digital transformation for many mid-size and Fortune 500 organizations like McKesson. His team efforts have translated into huge business benefits due to improvements in customer experience for marketing, sales and service. He is a hands-on practitioner of demand generation, digital marketing, marketing technologies, e-commerce, data, and analytics. He has also led agile transformation of technology and marketing teams in many organizations. He is very passionate to share lessons learnt over many years of this transformation through his blog and many top industry conferences.