Build Your Brand

The Business Career Center provides you with multiple opportunities to strengthen your brand and project a positive image of your organization on campus. Connect with one of our Business Development and Employer Relations team members. We're eager to partner with you to create a set of activities that fits your brand and recruiting needs.

Career Exploration Conferences

The Career Exploration Conferences are annual events for first year MBA, MSBA, and MA-HRIR students. It is a company's first chance to get their name in front of students and begin meeting potential candidates. These events, which take place during orientation for each program are a series of panels where representatives from your company can share their experiences with specific industries or functions.

Corporate Reception

The Corporate Reception is the Carlson School's premiere annual relationship-building event. The cocktail hour reception joins corporate partners and alumni with MBA students from our full-time, part-time, and executive MBA programs. It presents a great opportunity for students to meet individuals from our valued recruiting organizations early in the semester, learn from the experiences of our alumni and guests, and build terrific networking connections for the future. It is also an excellent way for your company to reinforce your presence at the Carlson School while building new relationships with incoming students eager to get to know you.

Company Site Visits

Hosting a group of Carlson MBA or MA-HRIR students at your company is a great way to highlight your culture, opportunities and drive student interest. Whether you are located in our backyard or across the country, the Graduate Business Career Center is happy to share best practices and connect you to our great students.

Student Organizations and Co-Sponsored Events

With over 40 student clubs and organizations, Carlson school offers many ways to connect with a diverse group of students. Reach out to a student organization to build a presence on campus—sponsor a meal, speak at a meeting, host a site visit, or plan another activity. Or contact us, and we'll help you find the club that is the best match for your organization and needs.

Information Sessions

Information Sessions are a great way to develop a brand face-to-face with students. Not only do students have the opportunity to learn more about your company and your opportunities, but you are able to get to know the candidates well in advance of the interviews. Many companies will host information sessions 3 to 4 weeks before their interview date. This format draws a larger group of attendees as it truly is an opportunity to learn about the company. Some companies host "pre-night" information sessions the evening before their on-campus interviews. This format is a great opportunity to give some in-depth information for the candidates who will be interviewed the following day. Information sessions are scheduled to not conflict with other company's information sessions or with core classes.

Admissions Events

Throughout the year the Carlson School's Admissions Team hosts events inviting prospective MBA students to see the Carlson School and Minneapolis up close through workshops and tours. Participating in these events is a great way to build your brand with students early by networking and sharing information about your company.