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Labor and Labor Organizing in Minnesota

Since statehood, Minnesota workers have joined together to improve and protect their livelihoods, rights, and voices in the workplace. Labor organizations, especially unions, have stood up for members’ interests with employers. Randy Croce, LES emeritus, created this comprehensive resource called "Labor and Labor Organizing in Minnesota" for MNopedia website.

From the ice age to the present time.

"Who Built Our Capitol? The Lives and Work of the Men and Women Who Built the Minnesota State Capitol Building" is a project of the Labor Education Service at the University of Minnesota. For four years, a team assembled by LES staff member Randy Croce, researched the workers and contractors involved in the Capitol construction from 1896-1907. "Who Built Our Capitol?" reached a major milestone with the launch of a 46-minute video documentarywebsite, and a Facebook page.


Minneapolis Truckers Make History: The 1934 Minneapolis Truckers' Strike

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