Community Classes 2023

Fall 2023

Cost: $50 for union-sponsored participants; $25 for participants without union support; free to anyone who cannot afford to pay. Registration is required for these virtual classes (you can get there by clicking on the class title). Zoom links to the class will be emailed after registration. 


Video Production for Organizers 

Date & Time: Thursday, November 9, 2:00pm - 4:00pm CT 
Facilitator: Isabela Escalona  

Video is an important part of storytelling and sharing a narrative for labor and community organizing. Whether you’re creating an ad, a campaign video, a TikTok, a fundraising pitch, promoting an event, or highlighting a member’s story, there are so many ways video can be used to share your campaign or movement’s story and vision for the future. In this session we will go over how to plan a video, how to produce a video with everyday equipment, how to capture a powerful interview and b-roll, how to edit, and ways to promote a video once it is produced. This class is ideal for beginners. 

Grievance Handling & Arbitrability

Date & Time: Tuesday, November 14, 3:00pm - 6:00pm CT 
Facilitator: Amy Livingston  

This class will cover the basics of the grievance handling process, from how to determine if a concern is a grievance, to how to determine if you should move an unresolved grievance forward to arbitration. Other topics covered include: how to investigate a grievance; how to write and file a grievance; investigatory interviews; just cause discipline; and how to support members when they have a valid concern or problem that is not subject to the grievance procedure.  


Mutual Aid

Date & Time: Thursday, November 16, 2023, 4:30pm - 6pm CT 
Facilitators: Susan Raffo, Rocki Simões 

What is mutual aid?  What are some historical examples of mutual aid in the labor movement in this country?   What are some examples of this practice in our communities, large and small?  How can I/we learn more?  These are some of the questions we will answer and ponder as a group in a facilitated presentation and discussion.  

Art is Organizing

Date & Time: Wednesday, December 13th, Noon - 1:00pm CT 
Facilitator: Cassie Williams

Art has been used throughout history to inform, tell stories, and to make change. This course will explore how art has been used in social movements to organize and how to incorporate it into our organizing strategies.