Business Advancement Center for Health Team

About Us

The Business Advancement Center for Health (BACH) was founded in January 2022 by Professor Pinar Karaca-Mandic with a focus on creating a healthcare system that delivers equitable care to all individuals. BACH strives to design business-driven innovations that address gaps in health equity and improve value in healthcare. 

BACH's framework is built on a principle of 4 C's

  1. CONVENING stakeholders
  2. CONDUCTING collaborative research
  3. CO-CREATING innovative business-driven models
  4. COMMUNICATING findings


Karaca-Mandic brings a wealth of healthcare marketplace expertise. As a health economist, her research has made contributions to the literature in four key areas to understand: 1) value and diffusion of medical technologies; 2) uptake of clinical guidelines and response to evidence on safety and effectiveness; 3) access and affordability of healthcare and role of the health insurance marketplace; 4) assessing competition, frictions and its impact in quality and costs.



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