In addition to Carlson School all-alumni events, the MBA Alumni Board (representative of the Part-Time, Full-Time, and CEMBA programs), provides opportunities targeted specifically at the MBA community. Our goal is to connect MBA alumni to current and prospective students, Carlson School faculty and staff, and one another. As a graduate of the Carlson School MBA program, you are a lifelong member of this impressive community.

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Join us for Drinks and Development, a series that features career experts from the Carlson School speaking to on-trend topics; Carlson Women Connect, which focuses on strengthening the female MBA community; or the Annual All-MBA Reunion held at Fulton Brewery every May, where we welcome the recent graduates to the Carlson alumni community.

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The MBA Alumni Board

Lindsay Amundson
’12 MBA
Lindsay is an associate marketing manager in Dairy Foods at Land O'Lakes. Prior to earning her MBA, she worked at PwC in New York as an auditor in the Retail and Consumer Product group.

Carolyn Banks
’13 MBA
Carolyn is a director in surety international claims operations at Liberty Mutual Insurance, and lives in Seattle with her husband and two daughters. As a Carlson School student, she was a Forte Fellow, a managing director of the 2012 Elite 8 Case Competition, and part of the Carlson Consulting Enterprise. 

Joe Bostrom
'14 MBA
Joe is a finance manager at Ecolab's institutional business.  He is driven by his commitment to diversity as well as personal and professional growth through the extensive Carlson alumni network.

Jessica Runde
'12 MBA
Jesse is a technology and innovation manager at Target in asset protection.  She loves blending business and technology to tackle challenging issues that drive purposeful change.  Her concentration in strategic management and leadership at the Carlson School empowers her to influence creative problem solving and encourage calculated risk taking.

Frank Grazzini
'07 MBA
Frank is a serial entrepreneur, avid biker, and arts enthusiast, and is currently the president and co-founder of Prevent Biometrics, a sports technology company focused on making sports safer by eliminating undetected and untreated concussions. Frank lives in Minneapolis with his wife Rebecca.

Joe Hurd
'13 MBA
Joe is the chief operating officer of SixSpeed Agency in Minneapolis, a hybrid studio which creates and executes high energy marketing for clients including Red Bull, Polaris, Target, Crestliner, 2Gingers, KTM, St. Jude Children's Hospital, Trek and Cannondale. Joe lives in Minneapolis with his wife Annmarie.

Jennifer Sargent
'12 MBA
Jennifer is a senior vice president at Optum, focused on growth in the employer market.  Prior to her MBA, Jennifer's career focused on sales and marketing roles within healthcare.  Jennifer currently lives in Minneapolis with her husband Ben and their two dogs.

Svetlana Sandberg
'15 MBA
Svetlana is a director at UnitedHealthCare, focused on strategic initiatives within Product team of Medicare and Retirement division.  Prior to her MBA, Svetlana focused on international distribution and sales of medical devices.  Svetlana currently lives in Minneapolis, MN.

Dan Miller
'12 MBA
Dan is vice president for government banking at U.S. Bank, and provides banking and other financial services to government entities across Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin. Previously, Miller worked in U.S. Bank’s Government Relations Division and held various positions in both the House and Senate in the Minnesota Legislature. He lives in Forest Lake with his wife, Johanna, and two sons, Liam and Beck.

Bonnie Till
'15 MBA
Bonnie is an associate brand manager for Red Baron pizza at Schwan’s Consumer Brands in Bloomington, MN. Prior to completing the Carlson MBA program she worked as the program manager for the Carlson Funds Enterprise for nearly 4 years. As a student, she served as a student ambassador and the vice president of marketing for the Carlson Leadership Advisory Board.

Kendell Poch
’13 MBA
Kendell works in international tax at KPMG. She enjoyed her time at the Carlson School so much that she returned after graduation to join the Masters of Taxation program. Kendell also serves as a graduate teaching assistant and is president of the Carlson MBA Alumni Board. Kendell lives in Plymouth with her husband, Mike, and their son, Michael Jr.

Rama Boddipalli
'10 MBA
Rama is a marketing manager at 3M, primarily working on digital strategies for the company.  Prior to receiving his Carlson MBA, Rama had eight years of experience working in clinical trials and consulting for the pharmaceutical and medical devices industries.

Bryan Scholtes
'13 MBA
Bryan Scholtes is a researcher, explorer, and cross-pollinator. As a consumer insights associate at General Mills, he gathers consumer input by showing them rough prototypes. Bryan attributes “the inflection point” in his career to his Carlson experience. He tinkers, builds, assembles and disassembles… and never appears in a suit without grease under his nails.

Ethan Trepp
’12 MBA
Ethan Trepp has a passion for the renewable energy field where he has been working for over fifteen years in operations, R&D, engineering design, business development, and management. He is currently a marketing manager in the 3M Renewable Energy Division. He lives and builds community in South Minneapolis with his wife Ashley and three little children Leah, Freddy, and Wolfie. Ethan has two degrees from the University of Minnesota, an undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering and an MBA which he earned by completing the part-time program at Carlson in 2012.

Doug Everling
'10 MBA
Doug Everling has fifteen years of professional experience in financial services and healthcare product management, and also has experience with sustainable entrepreneurship. Doug currently is a Product Director for Optum, helping to lead a health screening services business.  Prior to Doug's current role, he was a part of CSOM FT MBA Class of 2010 where he was a member of the Carlson Consulting Enterprise and was elected MBAA President.


Questions on how to get involved? Email Mandy Iverson, Assistant Director of Alumni Relations.