Where will your degree take you?

In today’s hyper-connected world, from clicks to downloads and beyond, consumers generate 2.5 billion gigabytes of data each day. Hidden in these data are invaluable insights for businesses of all sizes and types, across industries, and around the world. 

The Carlson School should be your top choice for graduate education. The school convenes the latest knowledge in business, as applied to analytics.

The MS in Business Analytics prepares talented professionals to harvest, process, and analyze data to extract important insights. The program is taught by world-class faculty in business and information systems, and enables students to gain hands-on experience analyzing real data, for real companies.

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Supported by Nationally Ranked Programs - H3 Heading

The Carlson School Management Information Systems program is ranked 4th (graduate program) and 5th (undergraduate program) in the nation.

Connected to Real Data - H3 Heading

Housed in the Carlson School, the Social Media and Business Analytics Collaborative (SOBACO) convenes University of Minnesota faculty and industry leaders to research the effects of, and causes behind, the rapid evolution of information generated by social media channels.

As part of the MS in Business Analytics program, students will work alongside leading SOBACO researchers through the Carlson School’s signature experiential learning programs, to draw innovative conclusions and facilitate data-driven decision making for partner organizations.

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TH 1 TH 2
This is a test header
Left row 1 Data 1
Left row 2 Data 2

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The fall season is the start of everything new at the Carlson School of Management. Breezes blowing, winds falling and students returning to contine their path to a bright future in the business community.


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Supply Chain and Operations Department landing page image

Storied Norwegian Journalist Donates Books to Library

As a Norwegian journalist, Einar Lunde ’65 watched empires fall, corresponded with Nobel Peace Prize winners and was accused of being a spy. That career, which earned him the nickname “Walter Cronkite of Norway,” began at Concordia.