Mentorship Program Celebrates Mentor and Student Mentee of the Year Awards

May 23, 2012

As a new way to recognize the great work of mentor pairs, nominations were sought for 'Best Mentor and Student Mentee of the Year' awards.

Each year, the Carlson School Mentorship Program offers over 300 students the opportunity to develop their skills outside of the classroom through the guidance of a professional in the business community. As a new way to recognize the great work of mentor pairs, nominations were sought for 'Best Mentor and Student Mentee of the Year' awards. This year's winners are:

  • Matthew Larson, Equity Research Analyst, Robert W. Baird & Co. - Mentor of the Year

  • James Ketterson, President, Riverport Insurance Company - Mentor of the Year

  • Cort Lunke, Class of 2013, MIS major - Student Mentee of the Year

"Of the many characteristics that make Matthew a phenomenal mentor, what I enjoy most is his genuine interest in my learning and growth as an individual,' says Matthew Larson's mentee. 'Though we spend a large portion of our time discussing business topics I am interested in, we always find time to discuss how things are going outside of work or the classroom. I am very grateful to have Matthew as a mentor."

Student Mentee of the Year Cort Lunke's mentor says, "Cort's hard work, dedication, and interest in the technology and business worlds have made this a great experience for all parties involved. Cort has gone above and beyond to take the experience in this program to the next level. During a job shadow day, Cort applied his previous knowledge and theories learned in the classroom to make the most of the experience. He was able to maintain a high level of professionalism when interacting with leadership, and was highly received."

"Jim has been the most outstanding and excellent mentor during my college career," says James Ketterson's mentee. "He has continuously reached out to his former colleagues and classmates to introduce me and help me explore different career opportunities in my field of study. As an international student, facing cultural and language challenges is common. However, Jim understood that there were cultural and language differences and has made the extra efforts to make them advantages rather than challenges. I learned so many things that college didn't teach me because I was lucky to have Jim Ketterson as my mentor in my last year of college."

Congratulations to Matthew, James, and Cort!

Interested in becoming a mentor or mentee in the Carlson Mentorship Program? For more information, please visit the Undergraduate Mentorship Program website.


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