MILI Certificate Programs

The Carlson School's Medical Industry Leadership Institute (MILI) draws on the diverse expertise of University of Minnesota researchers working on the scientific, technical, legal, ethical, and entrepreneurial opportunities and problems in the global health care industry. MILI leverages Minnesota's concentration of top-tier companies to create the next generation of business leaders and policy makers in the medical field.

MILI's Executive Education program offers professionals the chance to hone their skillset, whether considering a shift in career concentration or simply keeping abreast of this dynamic, changing field. The curriculum is tailored for functional learning across areas. Students learn in intensive, collaborative environments, either taking on the challenge of earning a MILI Certificate or directing their study through one of a suite of signature courses. Executive participants can expect to get a sense of the scope and shape of the global health care landscape; engage in detailed analysis of specific topics, firms, and industry sectors; and work alongside peers, colleagues, and world-class academics in experiential learning projects with firms around the world.

Individual Courses
Learners may enroll in one or more specific courses in order to deepen expertise in a specific area. See the courses tab for our current elective offerings.

Executive Education Certificates allow professionals to bundle their learning and demonstrate a mastery of a specific body of knowledge. This intentional professional development helps busy professionals enter or stay on top of this rapidly changing field. A MILI Certificate is earned by taking one foundation course, The Health care Marketplace, coupled with two elective courses. Each course meets for 3+ hours, one night a week for eight weeks. If you are planning to complete a certificate, please contact Jennifer Erickson, Business Development Manager (612) 625-5412 for assistance in selecting your elective programs.

Mili Courses can be combined into a certificate program or can be taken a la carte.