Global Student Loan® Corporation (GSLC), in association with HSBC Bank, has designed an international student loan program to provide funding specifically to students from India to attend U.S. schools.

You can borrow funds to cover the cost of your education—tuition, room, board, books and other education related expenses. A U.S. cosigner is not required. You do need a cosigner from your home country.

Features of the Global Student Loan® include:

  1. No U.S. cosigner required—cosigner required from your country of origin
  2. Borrow funds to cover tuition and other items—room, board, books and other education related expenses
  3. Borrow up to $50,000 annually ($200,000 lifetime maximum)
  4. Take up to 15 years to repay your loan

Visit to view the complete list of loan terms and conditions and to start your loan application. Credit terms and approval are the full responsibility of HSBC.

In the future, GSLC will be expanding the program to include students from other countries of origin from around the world.

Global Student Loan Corporation® and Global Student Loan® are registered trademarks of Global Student Loan Corporation or its affiliates.