Sunasir Dutta

Assistant Professor
Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship


  • Ph.D. 2014
    Business Administration Stanford Graduate School of Business


  • Organization Theory, Business and Policy, Resilience, Social Entrepreneurship, Strategy

Selected Works

  • Dutta, S. (2016) "Natural Disasters and Social Entrepreneurship", Forthcoming in Administrative Science Quarterly
  • Dutta, S. (2016 WP) "Charity Care as a Strategic Tool in the Healthcare Industry", Working Paper
  • Rao, H. and Dutta, S. (2012) "Free Spaces as Organizational Weapons of the Weak", Vol. 57(4), pp. 625-668, Administrative Science Quarterly
  • Dutta, S., & Rao, H. (2015). Infectious diseases, contamination rumors and ethnic violence. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 129, 36-47.
  • Dutta S. and Pennington, K. (2016 WP) "Physician Payments and the Sunshine Act", Working Paper
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