Santiago Bazdresch

Assistant Professor


  • PhD 2007
    Economics Yale University

  • BA 2000
    Applied Mathematics Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México,


  • Corporate finance. Capital structure of firms. Dynamic models of firm's investment and financing. Structural estimation. Numerical solution of dynamic models.

Santiago Bazdresch is an Assistant Professor at the Finance Department at the Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota. His research interests include understanding the dynamic features of firms' behavior in terms of their corporate finance decisions and in terms of the riskiness of claims on their cash flows. Within this area of research, he has studied how costs of financial transactions affect the dynamics of a firm's capital structure, how the hiring or firing of workers is associated with a firm´s systematic risk, how to evaluate quantitative capital structure models and how product differentiation is related to systematic risk. He is also interested in international finance topics. Within this area he has studied the stochastic properties of the peso/dollar exchange rate, the contagion of international financial crises and how financial flows into a country affect the labor market and firms' characteristics. He holds a BA in Applied Math from ITAM and a PhD in Economics from Yale University and previously worked at the central bank of Mexico.

Current Activities

Current Research

  • Dynamic models of firms' corporate finance and investment decisions.
  • Models of firms' characteristics, idiosyncratic and systematic riskiness and the cross section of expected returns.
  • Financial development in Mexico: financial contagion, exchange rates, the effects of financial slack on firms and employment, and the evolution of local debt markets.
  • Development finance: Studying the effect of new social insurance programs on individuals type of investments.
Santiago Bazdresch
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