PK Toh

Assistant Professor
Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship


  • Ph.D. 2007
    Strategy University of Michigan

  • BBA (Honor) 1998
    Finance National University of Singapore


  • Technology Management, Competitive Strategy, R&D Organization, Firm Resource Accumulation

PK Toh is an Assistant Professor in the Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship department. His research examines firms' management of technologies, using firms' R&D activities as settings to study issues of firm heterogeneity and competitive strategies that are central to strategy research. His research papers have been published in leading academic journals such as Strategic Management Journal, Organization Science, and Academy of Management Journal. He obtained his PhD in Strategy from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor in 2007, and a BBA (1st class honors) from the National University of Singapore in 1998. He is an Editorial Board member of Organization Science, Strategic Management Journal, Strategy Science, and Strategic Organization. He was awarded the Carlson School Research Award 2013, Carlson School Teaching Award 2014, 3M Corporation non-tenured faculty grant, Distinguished Paper Award (Best Paper) BPS Division Academy of Management 2013, finalist in Best Dissertation competition at the TIM Division Academy of Management 2008, Best Student Paper prize at the Strategic Management Society 2006, and multiple Best Reviewer awards. Prior to embarking on his academic career, he was a currency options trader at JPMorgan. He also has two piano performance diplomas (LTCL and FTCL) from the Trinity College of London.

Selected Works

  • Toh PK. 2013. The paradox of collaboration in inventive activities. Academy of Management Conference Best Paper Proceedings, BPS Division. Distinguished Paper Award (Best Paper) BPS Division, Academy of Management 2013.
  • Toh PK, Kim TK. 2013. Why put all your eggs in one basket? A competition-based view of how technological uncertainty affects a firm's technological specialization. Organization Science, 24: 1214-1236.
    Download (296.89 KB)
  • Toh PK, Polidoro F. 2013. A competition-based explanation of collaborative invention within the firm. Strategic Management Journal, 34(10):1186-1208.
    Download (355.86 KB)
  • Toh PK. 2014. Chicken, or the egg, or both? The interrelationship between a firm's inventor specialization and scope of technologies. Strategic Management Journal, 35(5): 723–738.
  • Polidoro F, Toh PK. 2011. Letting rivals come close or warding them off? The effects of substitution threat on imitation deterrence. Academy of Management Journal, 54(2): 369-392
    Download (363.59 KB)
  • Clarkson G, Toh PK*. 2010. 'Keep out' signs: the role of deterrence in the competition for resources. Strategic Management Journal, 31(11):1202-1225. (* Authors' names in alphabetical order)
  • Toh PK. 2008. The mutually-reinforcing interrelationship between organization structure and firm resource. Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings, TIM Division.
  • Ahuja G, Toh PK. Three entries: 'Innovations', 'Radical Innovations', and 'Disruptive Innovations' in Hitt M. A. and Ireland R. D., (Ed) 2005. The Blackwell Encyclopedia of Management & Entrepreneurship

Current Activities

Editorial Appointments

  • Organization Science Editorial Review Board
  • Strategic Management Journal Editorial Review Board
  • Strategic Organization Editorial Review Board
  • Strategy Science Editorial Review Board

Honors and Awards

  • 2005. Center for International Business Education (CIBE) Fellowship, Michigan
  • 2005. Charles H. Gessner Fellowship, Michigan
  • 2005. Ross School of Business at University of Michigan Research Award
  • 2005, 2008. Best Reviewer Award, TIM Division, Academy of Management
  • 2005, 2006. Best Reviewer Award, BPS Division, Academy of Management
  • 2006. Booz Allen Hamilton/Strategic Management Society PhD Fellowship for Best Student Paper Award, for the paper: Performance Effects of Resource Interdependence: A Study of Firms' Products and Process Innovations (with Gautam Ahuja)
  • 2008. Finalist, Best Dissertation Award, TIM Division, Academy of Management Conference, Anaheim.
  • Distinguished Paper Award (Best Paper), BPS Division, Academy of Management 2013
  • Carlson School of Management Annual Faculty Research Award 2013
  • 1998. Dean's List, Business Administration - National University of Singapore
  • Carlson School of Management Annual Teaching Award 2014
  • 1998. First-class Honors in Business (Finance)

Research Grants

  • 2010-12. 3M Corporation non-tenured faculty grant.
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