Nicholas Poggioli

PhD Candidate
Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship


  • PhD, Business Administration 2018 (expected)
    University of Minnesota


  • Business political strategy
  • Business and social movements
  • Natural resource management by business and government
  • Entrepreneurship and climate change

I joined the Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship PhD program in 2013. My research examines business management and performance related to social movements and politics. I am currently conducting research on corporate acquisitions and political networks, entrepreneurship and social movements, and corporate nonmarket strategy.

Prior to joining the program, I earned a professional degree in urban and regional planning from the University of California, Irvine, USA. I then worked for the Orange County Business Council, where I was an analyst covering California economic and policy issues. I left the Business Council to volunteer in the Americorps VISTA program. As a VISTA volunteer, I worked in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA on the relationships between the oil industry, land use, state and federal politics, and coastal economic vulnerability. After completing my volunteer work, I took a position with the U.S. Department of the Interior, the government agency responsible for managing most publicly-owned land and natural resources in the United States.

My teaching experience includes undergraduate fundamentals of management, undergraduate introduction to research methods, and public environmental education.

Selected Works

  • Political Network Management (Working Paper)
  • Non-market Strategy and Negative Events (Working Paper)

Current Activities

Community Relationships

  • Member of the Academy of Management, Strategic Management Society, Academy of International Business, Alliance for Research on Corporate Sustainability, American Sociological Association, and the American Political Science Association.

Current Research

  • Corporate Political Strategy, Non-market Strategy, Political Networks, Corporate Impact
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Carlson School of Management
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