Chiraag Mittal

PhD Candidate
Marketing Department


  • M.S. 2011
    Family and Consumer Sciences, University of Arizona

  • B.S. 2006
    Electrical and Computer Engineering, Ohio State University


  • Effects of financial uncertainty on consumer behavior
  • Role of positive illusions in decision making
  • Influence of childhood environments on adult consumption

Selected Works

  • Mittal, Chiraag and Vladas Griskevicius (2014), “Sense of Control Under Uncertainty Depends on People's Childhood Environment: A Life History Theory Approach,” Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 107 (4), 621 – 37.
    Download (422.09 KB)
  • Griskevicius, Vladas, Chiraag Mittal, Jeffry A. Simpson, Sooyeon Sung, and Ethan Young, “Can Childhood Adversity Improve Specific Mental Abilities?” Invited for 3rd round review at Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

Current Activities

4-163 Carlson School of Management

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