Barbara Loken



  • BA 1973
    Psychology Univ. of Minnesota

  • MA 1976
    Psychology New York Univ.

  • PhD 1981
    Social Psychology Univ. of Illinois


  • Branding
  • Social and Health Marketing
  • Consumer psychology
  • Brand Concept Maps

Barbara Loken, professor of marketing at the Carlson School, is a recognized expert in the fields of branding and consumer psychology.  She received her Ph.D. in social psychology at the University of Illinois and is both a professor in the marketing program and an adjunct professor in the psychology department at the University of Minnesota.  Representive publications include (a) Revisiting gender differences: What we know and what lies ahead, Journal of Consumer Psychology, 2015; (b) Corporate sponsorships may hurt nonprofits: Understanding their effect on charitable giving, Journal of Consumer Psychology, 2013, (c) The use of mass media campaigns to change health behaviours. The Lancet, 2010; (d) Brands and Brand Management: Contemporary Research Perspectives; Routledge (Psychology Press), 2010; (e) The role of the media in promoting and reducing tobacco use, National Cancer Institute Monograph 19, 2008; (f) Categorization theory and research in consumer psychology: Category representation and category-based influence," in the Handbook of Consumer Psychology, 2007; (g) Consumer psychology: Categorization, inferences, affect, and persuasion, Annual Review of Psychology, Volume 57, 2006; and (h) "Brand concept maps: A methodology for identifying brand association networks" in the Journal of Marketing, 2006.  She has served as Associate Editor for the Journal of Consumer Research and editorial board member for the Journal of Consumer Research and the Journal of Consumer Psychology.

Selected Works

  • "Corporate Sponsorships May Hurt Nonprofits: Understanding Their Effects on Charitable Giving," Christine M. Bennett, Hakkyun Kim, and Barbara Loken (2013), Journal of Consumer Psychology.
    Download (401.77 KB)
  • Consumer Categorization. Barbara Loken (2011). Wiley International Encyclopedia of Marketing, Ed. J. Sheth & N.K. Malhotra. Series editor is Richard Bagozzi. John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.
  • Mass Media Campaigns Can Change Health Behaviors. Melanie Wakefield, Barbara Loken, and Robert C. Hornik (2011). In J. Alba, Consumer Insights: Findings from Behavioral Research. Marketing Science Institute.
  • Brand Dilution and Brand Protection. Barbara Loken and Deborah Roedder John (2011). In J.Alba, Consumer Insights: Findings from Behavioral Research. Marketing Science Institute.
  • "Controlling Obesity: Lessons Learned from Tobacco Control and Tobacco Marketing Research,” Barbara Loken, K. Viswanath, and Melanie A. Wakefield (2011). To appear in Leveraging Consumer Psychology for Effective Health Communications: The Obesity Challenge, Rajeev Batra, Punan Anand Keller and Victor Strecher (eds).
  • "Use of Mass Media Campaigns to Change Health Behavior," Melanie A. Wakefield, Barbara Loken, and Robert C. Hornik (2010). The Lancet, Volume 375, Issue 9748, p. 1261-1271.
  • Brands and Brand Management: Contemporary Research Perspectives, Eds, with R. Ahluwalia and M. Houston, 2010.
  • "Categorization Theory and Research in Consumer Psychology: Category Representation and Category-Based Inference," co-authors Larry Barsalou and Christopher Joiner. In The Handbook of Consumer Psychology, Eds. Curtis Haugvedt, Paul Herr, and Frank Kardes, 2007
  • "Brand Concept Maps: A Methodology for Identifying Brand Association Networks," Journal of Marketing Research, Vol. 43(November), 549-563. With Deborah Roedder John, Kyeongheui Kim, and Alakparna Basu Monga, 2006.
    Download (746.35 KB)
  • "Consumer Psychology: Categorization, Inferences, Affect, and Persuasion," Annual Review of Psychology, Volume 57, 2006.
    Download (282.01 KB)
  • "Category Attitudes Measures," with Christopher Joiner and Joann Peck, Journal of Consumer Psychology, 2002.
    Download (183.35 KB)
  • "The Negative Impact of Extensions: Can You Dilute Flagship Products?" Journal of Marketing, Vol. 62(Jan), 19-32. With D. John and C. Joiner, 1998.
    Download (2.71 MB)
  • "Diluting Brand Beliefs: When Do Brand Extensions Have a Negative Impact?" with D. John, Journal of Marketing, 57(July), 71-84,1993
    Download (2.3 MB)
  • "A Process-Tracing Study of Brand Extension Evaluation," with D. Boush, Journal of Marketing Research, 1991
    Download (2.4 MB)
  • "Alternative Approaches to Understanding the Determinants of Typicality," with J. Ward, Journal of Consumer Research, 1990
  • "Corporate sponsorships may hurt nonprofits: Understanding their effects on charitable giving," Journal of Consumer Psychology, 2013

Current Activities

Current Research

  • Public Health Mass media Campaigns, Social Marketing, Tobacco Marketing
  • Counterfeits and their impact on beliefs about the genuine brand.
    Viewing Usage of Counterfeit Luxury Goods: How Perceived Social Class Affects Female’s Ratings of the Genuine Luxury Brand

  • Consumer understanding of smokeless tobacco constituent information.
    Assessing constituent levels in smokeless tobacco products: A new approach to engaging and educating the public
  • Consumer Categorization and Attitudes Theories; Brand Dilution/Brand equity research

Scholarly Service

  • Adjunct Professor of Psychology, University of Minnesota; Member, Masonic Cancer Center Member, ACR, AMA, SCP •Associate Editor, Journal of Consumer Research, 1996-1999. • Member, Center for Research in Learning, Perception, and Cognition, Department of Psychology, University of Minnesota.
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