Alok Gupta

Associate Dean of Faculty and Research, Curtis L. Carlson Schoolwide Chair in Information Management, Professor of Information & Decision Sciences.
Information/Decision Sciences


  • BS 1988
    Mining Engineering Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University

  • MS 1991
    Electrical Systems Pennsylvania State University

  • PhD 1996
    Management Science and Information Systems University of Texas-Austin


  • Data Communications
  • Information Security and Digital Rights Management
  • Decision Support Systems
  • Real-time Mechanism
  • Information Economics
  • Network Externality and Pricing
  • Online Auctions

Alok Gupta is Curtis L. Carlson Schoolwide Chair in Information Management at the Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota, and former chair of the IDSc Department at the Carlson School; from 1996 to 2001 he was an Assistant Professor at Dept. of OPIM, University of Connecticut. He received his Ph.D. in Management Science and Information from the University of Texas, Austin. His research has been published in various information systems, economics, and computer science journals such as Management Science, ISR, MIS Quarterly, CACM, JMIS, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, Computational Economics, Decision Support Systems, IEEE Internet Computing, International Journal of Flexible Manufacturing Systems, Information Technology Management, and Journal of Organizational Computer and Electronic Commerce. In addition, his articles have been published in several leading books in the are of economics of electronic commerce. He was awarded a prestigious NSF CAREER Award for his research on dynamic pricing mechanisms on the internet. From 1999-2001, he served as co-director of Treibick Electronic Commerce Initiative (TECI), an endowed research initiative at Dept. of OPIM, University of Connecticut. He is also an affiliate of the Center for Research in Electronic Commerce (CREC) at the University of Texas at Austin. He serves as Senior Editor for ISR and an Associate Editor for Management Science. He also serves on the editorial boards of JMIS, DSS and Brazilian Electronic Journal of Economics. He has been serving as Publisher of MIS Quarterly since 2005. He teaches courses in the areas of computer networking, electronic commerce, decision support, IT infrastructure, and computer programming at the undergraduate, MBA and Ph.D. levels.  In 2014 he was named an INFORMS Information Systems Society (ISS) Distinguished Fellow.

Selected Works

  • Alok Gupta and Dmitry Zhdanov, "Growth and Sustainability of Managed Security Services Networks: An Economic Perspective," MIS Quarterly, forthcoming.
  • Gedas Adomavicius, Shawn Curley, Alok Gupta and Pallab Sanyal, "A Data-Driven Exploration of Bidder Strategies in Continuous Combinatorial Auctions," Management Sceince, forthcoming.
  • Rohit Aggarwal, Ram Gopal and Alok Gupta, "Putting Money where Mouth is: the Relation between New Venture Financing and Electronic Word-of-Mouth," Information Systems Research, forthcoming.
  • Wolfgang Ketter, John Collins, Maria Gini, Alok Gupta and Paul Schrater, "Tactical and Strategic Sales Management for Intelligent Agents Guided by Economic Regimes," Information Systems Research, forthcoming.
  • Nelson Granados, Alok Gupta and Rob Kauffman, "Online and Offline Demand and Price Elasticities: Evidence From the Air Travel Industry," Information Systems Research, forthcoming.
  • Gedas Adomavicius, Jesse Bockstedt, and Alok Gupta, "Modeling Supply-Side Dynamics of IT Components, Products, and Infrastructure: An Empirical Analysis Using Vector Autoregression," Information Systems Research, forthcoming
  • Gedas Adomavicius, Alok Gupta and Pallab Sanyal, "Effect of Information Feedback on the Dynamics of Multisourcing Multiattribute Procurement Auctions," Journal of MIS, forthcoming.
  • A. Dimoka, R. D. Banker, I. Benbasat, F. D. Davis, A. R. Dennis, , D. Gefen, A. Gupta, A. Ischebeck, P. Kenning, P. A. Pavlou, G. Müller-Putz, R. Riedl, J. vom Brocke, and B. Weber, "On the Use of Neurophysiological Tools in IS Research: Developing a Research Agenda for NeuroIS," MIS Quarterly, forthcoming.
  • Alok Gupta, Boris Jukic, Dale O. Stahl and Andrew B. Whinston, "An Analysis of Incentives for Network Infrastructure Investment Under Different Pricing Strategies," Information Systems Research, 22 (1), 2011, 215-232.
  • Ram Gopal and Alok Gupta. "Trading Higher Software Piracy for Higher Profits: The Case of Phantom Piracy," Management Science, 56 (11), 2010, 1946-1962.
  • Martin Bichler, Alok Gupta and Wolfgang Ketter, "Designing Smart Markets," Information Systems Research, 21 (4), 2010, 688-699.
  • Nelson Granados, Alok Gupta and Rob Kauffman, "Online Strategies for Information Age: Information Transparency as a Dimension of Information Systems Design," Information Systems Research, 21 (2), 2010, 207-226.
  • Ravi Bapna, Seok-Joo Chang, Paulo Goes, and Alok Gupta, "Overlapping Online Auctions: Empirical Characterization of Bidder Strategies and Auction Prices," MIS quarterly, 33 (4), 2009, 763-783..
  • Gedas Adomavicius, Alok Gupta and Dmitry Zhdanov, "Designing Intelligent Software Agents for Auctions with Limited Information Feedback," Information Systems Research, 20 (4), 2009, 507-526.
  • Ravi Bapna, Paulo Goes, and Alok Gupta, "Computational Infrastructure for Auctioning Vertically Integrated Online Services," Journal of MIS, 25 (3), Winter 2009, 65 - 98.
  • Gedas Adomavicius, Jesse Bockstedt, Alok Gupta and Rob Kauffman, "Making Sense of Technology Trends in the IT Landscape: A Design Science Approach," MIS Quarterly, 32 (4), 2008, 779-809.
  • Ravi Bapna, Paulo Goes, Alok Gupta and Gilbert Karuga, "Predicting Bidders' Willingness to Pay in Online Multi-Unit Ascending Auctions: Analytical and Empirical Insights," INFORMS Journal of Computing, 20 (3), 2008, 345-355.

Current Activities

Editorial Appointments

  • Ad-hoc Senior Editor, MIS Quarterly, 2009
  • Area Editor, Decision Support Systems
  • Associate Editor, Brazilian Electronic Journal of Economics
  • Senior Editor, Information Systems Research
  • Associate Editor, Management Science
  • Board of Editors, Journal of MIS
  • Publisher, MIS Quarterly, 2005 -- Present
  • Ad-hoc Departmental Editor, Management Science 2009

Honors and Awards

  • NSF CAREER Award for research on online mercantile processes, 2001
  • INFORMS Information Systems Society (ISS) Distinguished Fellow, 2014
  • Innovation in Teaching Award, School of Business Administration, University of Connecticut, 2000
  • Runner-up for best paper at the International Conference on Information Systems, 1997
  • Best 2006 Journal Paper Award from Journal of AIS, 2007
  • IS Publications of The Year Award, AIS 2007

Scholarly Service

  • Online Mercantile Processes
  • Mini-Track Co-Chair, Mini-Tracks on Intellectual Property Rights in Digital Economy, Hawaii International Conference on Systems Science, 2001-present
  • Program Committee Member, INFORMS CIST, 2002-2003
  • NSF panels, 1999-present
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