Medical Industry Valuation Lab

MILI's Valuation Laboratory provides industry innovators with a top-to-bottom analysis of their medical innovation and its prospects in the market. With collaboration between eight different college across the University of Minnesota campus you're getting more than just one area of focus.

In three project cycles over the course of a semester, the student teams and instructors tease out the intricacies of each innovation. As seen in Figure 1, the valuation process involves multiple stages, from assumptions to validations, verifications, challenges, and proposed solutions. Further, each technology is studied not only by that project’s team, but by other Valuation Lab students learning how to participate in technology development in consultant roles. This means each student gains familiarity and experience with up to 15 innovative medical technologies and each technology is given a multifaceted evaluation. After weeks of intellectual inquiry, the students prepare a mock client presentation for faculty critique, and as the project closes they give final recommendations to their inventors.

The Valuation Lab is an intense experience but it’s worth it for everyone involved. Faculty members put their industry knowledge and research to work and students gain dynamic experience that leaves them uniquely prepared for leadership roles in an ever-evolving industry.

2015-2016 MILI Fellows

Chani Becker

Chani is currently a PhD/MBA student with interests in pursuing a career in medical industry.  She studies chemotherapeutic and immunotherapeutic penetrance of the blood-brain barrier in the treatment of malignant brain tumors. I joined the MBA program in 2013 After realizing there is a frequent disconnect in industry between science and business, she joined the MBA program in 2013. She expects to graduate both programs in 2016.  

Richard Furseth

Prior to joining the MBA program, Richard spent five years working at Sentry Insurance. In the five years and eight roles at the firm, Richard had the pleasure of working on a multitude of different assignments with a wide variety of stakeholders. After graduating, his intent is to pursue management consulting.  

Nicholas Milliron

Nicholas graduated from the University of Michigan in 2010 with a degree in education.  After teaching in Detroit for some time, he moved to the Twin Cities with the intention of enrolling in business school.  He worked at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage as an analyst, where he specialized in data research and procedure analysis.

Matthew Murphy

Matthew is originally from Minnesota and went to St. John's University for Physics and then to the U of M for mechanical engineering.  After finishing up at the U, Matthew served in the Navy for about 6.5 years as a nuclear trained submarine officer.  He is very passionate about health and fitness and was originally looking to work for a med device company as an engineer before deciding to join the military.

Josh Sopeth

Josh is a 2nd year MBA student with a focus on Strategy and the Medical Industry. Prior to Carlson, Josh worked as a project manager at Epic for four years. His focus at Epic was hospital surgery and anesthesia departments, with his specialty being medical device integration. With great interests in medical technology, Josh is targeting with the local medical device companies post-graduate.

Industry Perspective

"The Medical Industry Valuation Laboratory course is very helpful in promoting the growth of new healthcare and other enterprises in the State of Minnesota, which is extremely important, given that these businesses are a major source of good quality new jobs."

--Kevin Roche, JD, MBA

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